Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where can i get you from Poncho.

Dear Poncho,
You are amazing. Jac Vanek owns you, how can I?
Tell me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas cheer.

Merry christmas lovely bloggers and blogettes. I hope you are all enjoying the best of times with your cherished loved ones. While missing my family immensely i am still feeling cheerful spending the day listening to great music, drinking delicious red wine and cooking amazing food to share with my two flatmates. On the menu:
Roast Beef - courtesy of moi' via With made from scratch red wine and vegetable gravy and cauliflower from cheese sauce. On the side creamy mashed potatoes.
Apple and Pear Crumble - stewed apple and pear with a crunchy rolled oat topping served with freshly whipped cream.
How can you not like christmas when there is so much food to be consumed!
I can't believe in a weeks time another year will be over. It still scares me how fast time goes, i know it sounds like a total cliche but it is true. The day is already long gone before the next one is ready to start, with this is mind it makes me glad to be in America this year. A change of scenery, people, music, food and culture can not be classed as time wasted. Life really is too short.
Sending all the love out to my family and friends in New Zealand, and to all the lovely people that take time out from their day to stop by Talking Bird. It is always a pleasure having you here.
Here's two songs i think you should listen to.
GroupLove - Colours.

Nouvelle Vague - The Killing Moon.

I hope your day is extra lovely.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ode to Seattle.

So i've been in Seattle for 14 days now and i think i'm falling in love. I wake up in the morning, there are squirells frollicking in the backyard, i look out the window and i can see mountain ranges covered in snow stretching as far as the eye can see. Cute little brick buildings litter the streets of neighbourhoods like Ballard and Fremont, where one can stop and sit in a comfortable cafe for an hour or two with a delicious hot coffee in hand. Past the rolling hills decorated with pastel toned houses one can see the skyline of Seattle's central business district. Not even the grey winter sky can numb the soul for the early riser is rewarded by a few precious hours of sunlight in the morning every now and again. What other little suprises do you have for me?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

She is sleepless in Seattle.

Finally, i have made it. I am here in Seattle ready to spread my wings and take flight. I have been here for three lovely days now and just starting to find my feet. After a long day of flying, and a couple of days catching up with sleep i think i am ready to see all this city has to offer. I am so lucky to have been shown around some cool places already by my lovely flatmate Kate, who took a chance on an unknown New Zealander and offered me a place to live without even meeting me. What a star. I must apoligise for not updating my blog in a bloody long time but i was pretty busy and holding out for Seattle. It was all i could think about! You forgive me right?
Ok so remarkable places i have visited so far.
Taco Bell - yes the all American takeout experience. While i admit i was slightly under the  influence of some cheap Australian wine (yes in America and still drinking cheap Australian wine, some things never change) the Taco Bell experience was highly memorable. Who can turn down a greasy burrito after a night out.
The BlackLodge - Is it a music venue, is it a flat? Who knows, what i do know is that the place is Awesomeeee! A sketchy warehouse type place where local bands jump on a shabby stage to blast out their tunes. Looking up you can see people's bedrooms and you can take your own alcohol in because it isn't legally a bar. Made more memorable by The Melvins, three boys wearing dresses playing Saxophone, Drums and Bass.
Cupcake Royale - One word for this place Looooooooove. And they do Stumptown Coffee! My first Stumptown experience and it was a great one. One delicious little espresso topped off by a mouth watering chocolate mini cupcake with strawberry frosting.
The Vintage Mall - A heavenly paradise. Two floors of vintage delight. A place where collectors would cream their pants, this is the creme de creme of all good vintage delights. Purchases made: One lovely little woollen cape with pockets and a beaded yellow necklace. All for the delightful price of $45.00.

Lowlights: Trying to find milk that doesn't taste like pure cream, i'm getting there!
Tax that isn't included in the price tag, noone likes the little extra suprise at checkout. I'm constantly being caught out.

But overall a small price to pay. I'm sure there are many, many treats in stall for the little New Zealander. On Tuesday night were heading out to the hipster part of town, Capitol Hill. Stories and pictures to follow, stay tuned.
Much Love, xx.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lost Control.

I was at my friend Amy's house today and happened to pick up this amazing book, Lost Control. Amy is a hugely talented creative lady who has recently being trying to get her own graphic design company off the ground. I am constantly envious of her mad skills and know she will go far with her work. The company is called Scizzorface and is a collaboration between Amy Selby and my other friend Jess Moore (who is also amazingly gifted) their website Scizzorface is currently under construction but i suggest you keep an eye out for these ladies, they'll be rocking your socks off any day now.
So the book i picked up, Lost Control, shows what i would consider to be some of the best that graphic design installations have to offer. Each work is both spontaneous and calculated at the same time and their characteristics are influencing other graphic designers all over the world. Here are a few of the images that i particularly enjoyed.

Hope you all have your costumes on for Halloween, this year i was prepared and brought candy treats for the trick or treaters but sadly i haven't had any knocks on my door. I guess i look like the creepy cat lady waiting by the door with a bag of sweeties in my hand. Your loss children, i will consume all of the chocolate freddos myself.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Meet Stalin.
He's black and white, furry and stands about one foot off the ground. His favourite past time would have to be playing games. He recently learned about hide and seek, looks like we found you Stalin.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New and improved blog layout.

Whilst trying to write my essay today my attention sparked else where, to my blog, where else! With time on my hands i thought why not flash up my blog. So here it is folks, new header, new backgroud, new title, same old Gabrielle. Hope your tuesdays ruled.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I smell summer.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yoko Ono is following me!

On twitter, eeeeeeeeeeek! MissGJohnson Like for real.

Jealous? Of course you are!

Also vote for a friends band to open for Bon Jovi here in New Zealand. Click on the link and head to the last page to vote for the Nomadic Snails. To clear things up it started as a bit of a joke i believe, they don't live to listen to Bon Jovi, nor do they look anything like what a Bon Jovi opening band should look like, so if that isn't inspiration enough to vote what is wrong with you! Do it now i suggest.

Don't let me down now folks.

Sunday evening.

Good evening all, i trust your weekends went swellingly. Mine was quiet and satsifying. I am currently working my way through the first stages of research for my final History essay. The first stages are always the most tedious for sure, i find it extremely difficult just motivating myself to sit down and read historians work. It is especially difficult because i have started reading 100 years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I can see the orange and white penquin classic from where i am sitting and would much rather be reading it! Last week i went to the Paramore concert. God i love Hayley Williams, she is so freaking cool! And the band were also exceptional, you can tell they have been at it for six years, the sound was perfect and everything seemed to blend so well together. I tried taking some shotty photos with my cheap as chips camera but i apoligise for the ant sized, blurry figures on stage, i swear that is Paramore!


Having my two little sisters up for a couple of days was great also. Not to sound too cheesy but i feel the better side of myself comes out when i am around my family. I guess the majority of us feel that way. I had my first trip to Cornwell Park, one of Auckland's best keep secrets. It was here that we got to see the adorable little lambies frolicking in all their cuteness. We picked a mob at the far end and preceeded in naming each one with some ridicilous name such as Spartacus or Rufus. It was fitting at the time.

Cornwall Park:

My sis is having her baby soon. It will be my first niece or nephew. I feel weird being an aunty even though i'm jetsetting off for a year and will miss the cute little infant years. I will have to talk baby over skype. You should pop on over to my sisters blog and say hi. Hanna Francesca. Shes one little crafty lady, i'm amazed at her creative skills and slightly envious also. Too shame i feel i am too lazy to be creative. It's a phase, i'll get over it!
Anyway my neck hurts, a clear sign i have been on the internet for too long. Until next time, LOVE!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jackson Eaton.
This man is making me wish i was a photographer, if i had some money i would get my butt a camera and attempt to take some fancy shots.
Also i have been feeling the need to resort to third person.
I find everything sounds just a little bit more special this way.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

 I am on the hunt for oversized everything. I want a cardigan, vintage band tee and jersey of some description. I have been sifting through some pictures on the internet, and i'm in love with this look. I know every girl is cranking it at the moment, but for once i really don't care. It's such a damn good look, i want in!

Question: What look are you totally getting off on lately?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Photographers out there, i need your help!

Something i've always wanted to do is a bit of amateur photgraphy as a hobby. I've never done any photography and basically know jack about cameras and technique. Sooooo if you know some stuff can you help me out? I am basically looking to pick up a camera which is good quality, not too expensive, and a good model for an amatuer to start with. Any suggestions?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Quote to love.

"Faith is not a dirty word. And hope is not for fools. I used to really make fun of optimists. But if all we have are negative world views, we’re in trouble."

Robert Downey Jr.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Flights booked!!!

Oh wow, my flights are booked, this is really happening! Things haven't felt so real until now. I'm sitting here looking at my itinerary and seriously can not believe i have made this happen all on my own! I leave New Zealand on the 9th December a Thursday at 7pm at night. I have to catch three different flights in the space of 24 hours. I leave my family from New Plymouth at 2.15pm that afternoon and fly into Auckland at 3pm. I then check in at the international terminal at 4pm and fly to Los Angeles at 7.15pm. I arrive in LA at 10.15am on the 9th December (weird!) and have to wait at the airport till 4pm when i catch my flight to Seattle. I finally arrive at my destination and new home for the next 12 months at 6.30pm (no doubt i will be exhausted!)
One of my friends has also informed me that she will be coming over mid way through next year to live near San Francisco for a while. We are going to travel via train and bus from Seattle to New York together. What kind of places should we visit? I know really nothing about America so anyone that lives there or has visited i would appreciate your input. Where should we go and what should we see?
Much Love and Excitement!
Lady G xox

Monday, August 9, 2010


Have been.
Drinking too much coffee.
Working too much.
Failing to update my blog (my apoligies my dedicated readers if any of you still exist!)
Stressing over the amount of forms i need to fill in order to get my trip underway.
Worrying about finances.
Still revelling in all the glory that was the movie Inception, my god!
Wanting to buy! No money to spend!
Loving the attention of a certain cute one.
Missing my family but anticipating the arrival of my first niece or nephew.
Eating too many delicious treats.
Wanting new music, badly i have been listening to way too much Lady Gaga lately.

I'm going to be a little more active with this blog business from now on, i promise!
Love Lady G xx

Monday, July 12, 2010

All things Seattle.

Ok so the Seattle countdown is totally on! Less than six months now guys. I am getting unbelievably excited and nervous but mostly excited. I was just browsing websites trying to find places to go to look for flats/rooms to rent. It is so different to our system in New Zealand and i find myself getting very confused! If anyone can offer any help, please do! I will love you forever.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cough, cough.

I brought back a cold from Taranaki, i hope it isn't the lingering kind! I was home last week for my Grandmother's 80th birthday party. The 80th was fantastic, i probably had more vodkas then i should've because when i went to say my speech to my beloved grandma i burst into tears. Was very embarrassing, but i started talking about my grandad who passed away two years ago and got super emotional. I had to be the one to start the crying! After the dinner and party i headed to what the small town people called a 'night club'. It was hilarious. I lasted a whole 30 minutes there and had to leave to maintain my dignity. Call me curious i just had to check the place out. As soon as i got in there an old friend of mine jumped on me. It was weird we used to be the best of friends doing everything together but after being away from Stratford for more than four years i found we have changed dramatically. It was still good seeing her, just weird seeing how little she had changed when i feel like i could'nt even relate to the person i used to be. While we were at home we went up Mt Egmont. It was beautiful, fresh, clean, covered in snow and deliciously cold. I forget how beautiful Taranaki actually is, i think i appreciate it that little bit more just for having been away from it. I really do miss my family though. The trips always go so fast and i always feel that i never get to spend enough time with them. I wonder how i will cope when i am in Seattle for over a year. I also got to spend some time with some old highschool friends which was great. Our conversations were just as hilarious as they used to be, and we relived old memories of our school days, fond memories that made up my life in Taranaki. I managed to check out Eclipse with my little sister Abigail. I actually enjoyed it, and thought it was one of the better Twilight movies. The rest i found were so awkward and filmed oddly but this one seemed to flow a little better. I am really looking forward to checking out the movies Cemetery Junction and Inception. Heres a few pics of my week :)
                                   Me with my sisters Abigail and Hanna and her boyfriend Gareth.

                                      The beautiful Mt Egmont in Taranaki.

                                                          Me and Abigail again.

                                                         Close up.

                                                 Me Abigail and Rebecca at my Grandma's 80th.
Much Love for now!
Lady G xoxo

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reasons Why..

I miss the 90's.
Enough said.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Youth are starting to change, the Youth.

I am now 23 years old, and i don't feel any different. When do we begin to grow old i wonder? I hope for me it isn't any time soon. I have so much i want to do and i haven't even begun living my life. I vow right now to never feel or act old. I don't care how fragile my body becomes in my mind i will be alive as ever. Working in the hospitality industry really makes me you grow a hatred? well maybe intolerance to the pathetic state of some of our older generation. Don't get me wrong this doesn't apply to all old people just the small group who moan and groan their way through the last years of their lives. How difficult it must be to be so negative all of the time. And i really hate how they seem to have this dislike for young people. They turn their noses up at you and treat you as if you are the dumbest thing in the universe. Seeing them slurp their english breakfast teas eating minature sized savouries and 'club' sandwiches with that grumpy look on their faces makes me wild. I vow never to be like this!
Anyway thats my rant for the day.
Don't take any offence to this, i still love my grandparents as much as the next person does!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Whooooaaa, i must apoligise for being a very slack blogger. I really have not been motivated as of late and as a direct result my blogging has gone to zelch! I bet we all get this way, with the beginning of winter and mid year lull it isn't hard to see why. It is just starting to get colder here in Auckland, still not cold enough for my liking. I am one of those freakish people that enjoy cold weather and winter; in fact it is my favourite season! I am looking at my coats in my wardrobe longing to put them on. I wore one the other night to my friends leaving dinner but no surprises i was cooking by the time i got there. I can't wait for my second winter in December when i go to Seattle, i hope it snows. This would make me very happy.
It's my birthday on Friday, can't believe yet another year has gone by. This birthday will be the first that i haven't spent at home in Taranaki with my family. I'm trying hard to ween myself offa them before i head away(far, far away) for a whole 13 months. Soooooo i have to work on my actual birthday which is pretty lame. BUT i am having celebrations one day early (Thursday). It should be a good sister is taking me out to breakfast first up at one of my favourite cafes, Kokako in Parnell. Kokako are a vegetarian cafe which do amazing, amazing food. It's crazy the amount of things you can do without meat. Then wil probably do a spot of shopping and meet my friend Bridget for lunch. Then i'm going to use a voucher that i have had for more than two years and get a Manicure. This is going to be awesome! I'm not one of those 'girly' girls so i don't normally get stuff like this, nevertheless i bet it will be sweet. Plus whenever i put nailpolish on i mange to get it all over the place, i am quite useless really. Anyway back to the birthday....then i am having a dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Kingsland with all of my friends. And after that heading to the Chemical Brothers album release party at a new bar on Commerce Street. My weekend is also quite filled up. On friday i have a friends EP release for his band 'Turning Tricks' at the Rising Sun. If any of you Auckland people are free then you should deff get along to this. Turning Tricks are an amazing band! I also would'nt mind heading to the usual hangout Cassette for the MUM Clubnight. On Saturday another of my friends band the 'Nomadic Snails' are playing a gig at Whammy Bar. Another great band for you Auckland people. :) Look at me pimping away!
For now i have to go check on my dinner.
I am cooking a delcious vegetarian dish tonight. It is a basil and pumpkin risotto rolled in sesame seeds. Sounds delicious! If it's mouth-watering i will post the recipe for you to try!

Stay Classy and thanks for dropping by.
Lady G xx

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall..

Whose the fairest of them all?

Monday, May 17, 2010


I wrote 1400 words on my essay in 3 hours.
I walked for two hours.
I still find myself confused about Ushers single OMG...What the hell.
I drunk 3 coffees.
I drunk 2 litres of water and ate my five plus of fruit and veges.
I got a smile out of the delicious looking boy in my class, although it took me tripping on my bag strap to get it.
I got overly excited about going to America in seven months! GEESUS!
And decided i want THESE Vans!
Love Yall!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tiresome technology.

Yes i have had the worst week with technology, where to begin?....Well i lost my eftpos card first. That wasn't the end of the world just annoying, BUT then at work on Wednesday some chopping boards fell down on my phone which was sitting on the shelf and the next thing i know my phone is in the sink (which is filled with water) and yep it is destroyed, sizzled, dead pretty much. A new phone is the last thing i want to spend my money on! Then to top off my woes with technology, my computer plug/charger/thing no longer charges my computer. Great, how much will that be costing me!
Anywayyyyyyy.....i have my eye on a cute little sweat shirt dress from Wild Pair. I feel guilty for spending any money when i should be saving for America but it is my birthday in a few weeks and i feel i need a treat! Plus i need something to wear out for my birthday dinner and outing.


I finally got my necklace fixed! My sister brought it for me for my 21st birthday and i absolutely love it. It's a gold chain with a dragonfly on it, cuteness. I went to Real Groovy the other day, i love that place because if there was one place on earth that reminds me of Empire Records, Real Groovy would be it. One of my all time favourite movies is Empire Records so naturally i can find no fault with Real Groovy. There are some crazy sales going on right now, i got 5 CDS!! for $28.00, amazing. I got the Empire Records soundtrack (tehe) plus two Jimmy Eat World cd's, Junior Boys and Andrew WK. I like a little punk/pop/rock sometimes especially when i'm exercising. I have a huge list of cd's i want to buy right now, maybe one a week won't hurt? :)
Right now listening to Andrew WK-Party Hard, ironic as i am doing the complete opposite. I'm hulled up in my slacks watching Saturday night Live with snacks.
Happy Saturday night everybody!
P.S. Did you see the Jac Vanek team commented on my last post!! Am super stoked about that! I love her truely and absolutely!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I love Jac Vanek.

Jac Vanek is awesome, she has the most amazing life but she has worked her butt off to get there. I can't imagine it's an easy world out there for females in the music industry but she gets around, selling her own merchandise at all of the American music festivals. She's currently travelling around with the Bamboozle lot, so jealous! She also has one hell of a style and if i had the money i would totally get her hair.
check out her website/blog
 My female crush!

Saturday, May 8, 2010