Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reasons Why..

I miss the 90's.
Enough said.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Youth are starting to change, the Youth.

I am now 23 years old, and i don't feel any different. When do we begin to grow old i wonder? I hope for me it isn't any time soon. I have so much i want to do and i haven't even begun living my life. I vow right now to never feel or act old. I don't care how fragile my body becomes in my mind i will be alive as ever. Working in the hospitality industry really makes me you grow a hatred? well maybe intolerance to the pathetic state of some of our older generation. Don't get me wrong this doesn't apply to all old people just the small group who moan and groan their way through the last years of their lives. How difficult it must be to be so negative all of the time. And i really hate how they seem to have this dislike for young people. They turn their noses up at you and treat you as if you are the dumbest thing in the universe. Seeing them slurp their english breakfast teas eating minature sized savouries and 'club' sandwiches with that grumpy look on their faces makes me wild. I vow never to be like this!
Anyway thats my rant for the day.
Don't take any offence to this, i still love my grandparents as much as the next person does!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Whooooaaa, i must apoligise for being a very slack blogger. I really have not been motivated as of late and as a direct result my blogging has gone to zelch! I bet we all get this way, with the beginning of winter and mid year lull it isn't hard to see why. It is just starting to get colder here in Auckland, still not cold enough for my liking. I am one of those freakish people that enjoy cold weather and winter; in fact it is my favourite season! I am looking at my coats in my wardrobe longing to put them on. I wore one the other night to my friends leaving dinner but no surprises i was cooking by the time i got there. I can't wait for my second winter in December when i go to Seattle, i hope it snows. This would make me very happy.
It's my birthday on Friday, can't believe yet another year has gone by. This birthday will be the first that i haven't spent at home in Taranaki with my family. I'm trying hard to ween myself offa them before i head away(far, far away) for a whole 13 months. Soooooo i have to work on my actual birthday which is pretty lame. BUT i am having celebrations one day early (Thursday). It should be a good sister is taking me out to breakfast first up at one of my favourite cafes, Kokako in Parnell. Kokako are a vegetarian cafe which do amazing, amazing food. It's crazy the amount of things you can do without meat. Then wil probably do a spot of shopping and meet my friend Bridget for lunch. Then i'm going to use a voucher that i have had for more than two years and get a Manicure. This is going to be awesome! I'm not one of those 'girly' girls so i don't normally get stuff like this, nevertheless i bet it will be sweet. Plus whenever i put nailpolish on i mange to get it all over the place, i am quite useless really. Anyway back to the birthday....then i am having a dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Kingsland with all of my friends. And after that heading to the Chemical Brothers album release party at a new bar on Commerce Street. My weekend is also quite filled up. On friday i have a friends EP release for his band 'Turning Tricks' at the Rising Sun. If any of you Auckland people are free then you should deff get along to this. Turning Tricks are an amazing band! I also would'nt mind heading to the usual hangout Cassette for the MUM Clubnight. On Saturday another of my friends band the 'Nomadic Snails' are playing a gig at Whammy Bar. Another great band for you Auckland people. :) Look at me pimping away!
For now i have to go check on my dinner.
I am cooking a delcious vegetarian dish tonight. It is a basil and pumpkin risotto rolled in sesame seeds. Sounds delicious! If it's mouth-watering i will post the recipe for you to try!

Stay Classy and thanks for dropping by.
Lady G xx