Monday, March 29, 2010

Mixed CD'S.

Watching Nick and Norah's infinite playlist i was reminded of one of my most favourite things to do, make mixed cd's for people. I absolutely love going through my music and putting my favourite tracks onto a cd and sending it to someone. It is a great way to introduce people to new bands or songs that they may not have had the luck of coming across yet, or as a way to get to know someone a little bit better. Music can say so much to somebody. I remember when my best friend was in a car crash and almost died. It was one of the scariest times of my life and i was so scared and upset that i didn't know how to communicate with her. After careful consideration i decided to make her a mix cd to tell her how much she meant to me in a time when i could'nt find the words to express it. That was the first mix cd i ever made for someone and from then on we made cd's for each other and passed them back and forwards. Whatever situation arose we would find songs to suit the occasion, and these were especially meaningful when we went to different parts of the country for university. Have you ever made a mixed cd for somebody? What do they mean to you?

Merry Monday

As I sit here watching Skins, i can smell the delicious smell of hot cross buns cooking in the oven. No doubt one of the best things about Easter!! It is Monday night here in Auckland and a very beautiful night indeed. I have just come back from a night time run and it was a great, clear night. I'm sorry i don't get to blog as much as i used to, my workload at university is incredibly huge this semester! By the time i get all my work done i find myself exhausted and usually have to hit the sleep early. But i vow to blog at least two times a week from now on, i miss my daily posts! I still have time to read all your lovely blogs though, and they are amazing. Some of you have such amazing lives i find myself quite jealous! This week i have been so addicted to sparkling water.

It is amazing, you feel like you're drinking lemonade or something but no it is actually just water, amazing! I am also addicted to the new Groove Armada album, it is sooooo good!

And hot pink fingernails!
Well i think i might head to bed and read my book, at the moment I'm reading Sentimental Education by Gustave Flaubert. Looks to be a very interesting book!
Much love
Lady G xox

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday bloody sunday.

Good eve dearest bloggers! Well i tell you i am absolutely plonked from studying for the last five hours straight. My eyes are actually pulling the fuzzies on me. I had a silly Gabrielle moment you see, where i assume my assignment is due one week later than what it actually is, this is now why i am struggling to get all my work done. I have that slightly sickening feeling of stress mixed with terror, but i am sure with some extremely late nights i will beable to get it done. For now i am taking a short break and naughtily blogging (ssshhh), i should probably be removing my eyes from the computer screen as i have been trying to read documents off it for the last two hours, unnatural and unhealthy i say. My song of the night is Bleeding heart show by The New Pornographers. I saw these guys when they came to Auckland in 2008. Playing at the Kings Arm it was an intimate and fantastically amazing show, i fell in love with the band even more because of it. I'm also doing a bit of Lightness by Death Cab For Cutie, my most favourite band ever! I can't believe that in December i will be living in the same city as them, oohhhh too much excitement! I have a little seminar tomorrow for my stage three History paper, i am very nervous! I always get nervous when presenting work in front of 'academics' i say that with speech marks to avoid the pretentious tag that goes along with the word academics. At least it's only a five minute seminar, i just hope it sounds like i know what i'm talking about! I can't decide whether i will be motivated enough to get up and go for a 6am run in the morning, i know i probably should because i will probably be pulling my hair out with stress all night and have no time for exercise, plus it will clear the mind, or so they say! Wahoo Elliot Smith just came on my i-tunes, who else loves Elliot Smith? I find the man amazing, it just saddens me that he is not around to make beautiful music anymore.
Well i guess i should get back to it, i will allow myself Ace of Cakes tonight, theres no way i'm missing my favourite show!
Well reluctantly i return to my work
Sunday night love for you all
Lady G xox
Here's some pics i haven't shared of the last couple of weeks, enjoy lovelies.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Girl.

I wish i could do better by you, because thats what you deserve.You sacrifice so much of your life, In order for this to work.

I will marry any man that sings this song to me. The catch, you must have a voice like Dallas Green, oh snap!
Lady G xx

Monday, March 15, 2010

This morning i am loving...

Good morning bloggers!
Well it is a grey morning here in Auckland, and finally the temperature has dropped to something quite pleasant! I am excited to beable to start layering my clothing again. There are a few things in particular that i am in love with this morning, no unfortunately not a man, but lovely things none the less. My morning consists of...

            Green tea


          Coldplay, X and Y

    Bright blue fingernails

My dress that i just brought off trade me.

What a good start to the day!
Lady G xoxo

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Giveaway, Giveaway, Giveaway!

I am so excited about this lovely little giveaway! Head on over to Andy Quirks to enter yourself in, there are some amazing items up for grabs, and Andy is one great girl!
Much Love
Lady G xoxo

Monday, March 8, 2010

500 Days of summer.

Well it feels that way! I know you don't understand why i moan about the heat so much but i just don't like it! I am a winter baby at heart, i long for cold, LONG!!! I want to wear scarves! :) Ok, no more going on about the weather i am so sorry for always going on about it. Well today i sat by the loveliest girl in my History lecture. She smiled at me as i was about to sit down, then complimented my on my dress (which was awesome!) and then we had a great conversation. I love having conversations with strangers, it is always interesting when you just click with someone which was the case with this girl, hopefully i can find her next lecture so we can sit together again!
I was lucky enough to only have two hours of class today, ending the day at 1pm is the greatest thing ever. I did a little reading for my classic paper and then lazed around for the rest of the afternoon. I took a classics paper randomly and i am loving it! I really like the way in which Ancient Greeks believed in the amazing things that they did. The stories of the gods and goddesses are for the most part beautiful and the way in which the Greeks believed in them and lived their lives by the values set out by the gods. The Greeks lived in a society where scientific explanation hadn't taken all the fun out of everything. Sometimes i feel like we need a little more fantasy. I've decided this week i am going to treat myself with some Clinique products, i know Clinique is not good when you are trying to save money but i have to allow myself something! Plus it's bonus time, when you buy two products you get a cute little make up case filled with Clinique goodies!! Joys! I was looking at flights today to Seattle, i can't believe how fast it is approaching, really not too long now. I have so much to do, better get my butt into gear :] I'm off to see Alice in Wonderland tonight, quite excited about that. I never really got into the whole Alice in Wonderland thing growing up but i do want to read it sometime soon! The movie looks good, even though i have heard negative things about it. I always love what Tim Burton does, he is an amazing man. Well i'm off, i will post Tuesday Treasures later on (apoligies if it falls into Wednesday, have been a little busy!)
                                                   Love moments with my precious kitty.
Hope your tuesdays are going swell if not eat some fruit, it's delicious!
Lady Gxx

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh the slackness.

I must apoligise dear bloggers, i have been very bad at posting lately! I have a huge work load at University this semester and my marks from these papers will determine whether i get into postgraduation study. This has been a goal of mine for awhile now and so now i have to really put the work in to ensure i get in! In saying that i am going to make sure i still have time to blog and visit all of your lovely blogs also. It is a really fun way to escape for a small amount of time and also to see what the rest of the world is getting up too. 
An album i can't stop listening to at the moment is Wolfgang Amadeus by the band Phoenix. I was lucky to be introduced to Phoenix by my older sister Rebecca. I have been listening non-stop and quickly becoming a fan, i want to go out and get their other albums. They are a French alternative rock band and this is their fourth studio album. My favourite tracks are Lisztomania, 1901 and Fences. Great music!
Check out their website

Apart from attending classes, working, listening to music and enjoying the last days of summer my week has been fairly layed back. We are now in the season of Autumn which means we are getting closer to Winter (wahooo!) my favourite season. I love layering up clothes with scarfs and boots and tights and coats, i also love coming home to a fire and having a hot cup of tea while watching the grey sky outside drop large amounts of water. There is nothing better. It is also so lovely going to sleep at night to the sound of rain on the roof, and jumping into a bed that has been pre-warmed by an electric blanket. Oh yes winter i love you!.
I wish we got snow here in New Zealand, but maybe i shall be so lucky to get some when i move to Seattle. I arrive right when winter has just started and am so excited!!
Well for now i say goodbye, talk soon lovelies.
Lady Gxx

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hopelessly devoted to you.

 This weeks treasured Tuesday is not so much a posession, not even anything i own but something i highly treasure still, and a person!

John Mayer.
Need i say more, the man is practically a god.

Edge Of Desire lyrics

Young and full of running, tell me where has that taken
Just a great figure eight or a tiny infinity?
Love is really nothing but a dream that keeps waking me,
For all of my trying we still end up dying, how can it
Don't say a word just come over and lie here with me,
'Cause I'm just about to set fire to everything I see,
I want you so bad, I'll go back on the things I believed,
There I just said it, I'm scared you'll forget about me.

So young and full of running, all the way to the edge of
Steady my breathing, silently pleading, I have to have
you now,
Wired and I'm tired, think I'll sleep in my clothes on
the floor,
Maybe this mattress will spin on it's axis and find me on

I remember the summer of 2002 when Room for Squares came out. The time i fell in love with John Mayer. With a beautiful voice and sweet, tasteful lyrics i was immediately won over. Over the last couple of years i am sure that Mr Mayer has become even more attractive, and the tattoo's are certainly part of that. It's official, i think its love.

Lady G xx