Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh the slackness.

I must apoligise dear bloggers, i have been very bad at posting lately! I have a huge work load at University this semester and my marks from these papers will determine whether i get into postgraduation study. This has been a goal of mine for awhile now and so now i have to really put the work in to ensure i get in! In saying that i am going to make sure i still have time to blog and visit all of your lovely blogs also. It is a really fun way to escape for a small amount of time and also to see what the rest of the world is getting up too. 
An album i can't stop listening to at the moment is Wolfgang Amadeus by the band Phoenix. I was lucky to be introduced to Phoenix by my older sister Rebecca. I have been listening non-stop and quickly becoming a fan, i want to go out and get their other albums. They are a French alternative rock band and this is their fourth studio album. My favourite tracks are Lisztomania, 1901 and Fences. Great music!
Check out their website

Apart from attending classes, working, listening to music and enjoying the last days of summer my week has been fairly layed back. We are now in the season of Autumn which means we are getting closer to Winter (wahooo!) my favourite season. I love layering up clothes with scarfs and boots and tights and coats, i also love coming home to a fire and having a hot cup of tea while watching the grey sky outside drop large amounts of water. There is nothing better. It is also so lovely going to sleep at night to the sound of rain on the roof, and jumping into a bed that has been pre-warmed by an electric blanket. Oh yes winter i love you!.
I wish we got snow here in New Zealand, but maybe i shall be so lucky to get some when i move to Seattle. I arrive right when winter has just started and am so excited!!
Well for now i say goodbye, talk soon lovelies.
Lady Gxx


  1. Just move to Dunedin! I remember getting snowed in every winter or so! it's much closer than Seattle don't cha know (but I am not sure that it is better..) :)

  2. I'm glad you get a break every now and then from all the studying, it is great to catch up with everyone in the blogging world.
    Spring is on the way here in the UK after a bad Winter of snow and ice. Here's hoping Spring brings a better Summer.

  3. I LOVE Phoenix! Especially because that's where I live :) And where I live, there's no snow! And I'm sorry to say that I like it this way! Seattle is beautiful though, you'll have a great time living there for sure.


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