Thursday, February 25, 2010

Right now i'm loving..

A Whole New Way by The Horrors. This track is so, so good! It was released as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Primary Colours, so that means it's not on my album! I have to keep going back to You Tube to listen to it but it's worth it, i am fully addicted to this track and have listened to it at least ten times this week already. I love the direction The Horrors are moving in, i have been a fan for a long time now and even though their debut album was something quite sensational it was obvious that sound wouldn't beable to last long. Therefore The Horrors have proven their talent with their follow up album. My favourite track is Scarlett Fields. I have seen them play twice now, the first time in Sydney 2007 and this year in Auckland. I also met the band this year which was scary but amazing!

The Horrors, Sydney, 2007.

Meeting The Horrors, 2010.

Lady G xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tattoo Tuesday!

 Pop on over to Danielle's beautiful blog Sometimes Sweet to see my feature in this weeks Tattoo Tuesday! Am very stoked to be on it and greatful for Danielle choosing me. Her blog is one of my favourites!
Lady Gxx

Tuesday Treasures!

Wahoo! This week we have a treasured item from one of  the lovely followers of my blog. The item is from Emily Kennedy and it is her beautiful wedding ring. Thank you Emily for sharing. Remember if you would like to share any of your treaured items email me at I love getting your emails! :)

Emily Says:
It's white gold, with tiny jewels (one sapphire, one ruby, and one yellow topaz) randomly placed throughout. I don't like diamonds, because of the havoc the diamond mining industry has wrought on some African countries. I wanted the design to be very organic, like coral, or the spaces between leaves on trees.

And basically, when you have something handmade just for a special occasion it becomes very dear. I positively love it. Thanks for giving me the chance to share!

Thank you Emily! And thanks everyone for stopping by for another installment of treasured Tuesday
Much Love
Lady Gxx

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Monday!

So firstly i apoligise for the lack of posts last week, i had a very jam packed week and did not get any time to post anything. Also happy Monday everyone, the start of the week is always a good time, a time to make some new goals for the week and clear up any lose ties from the last week. I shall give you a wrap up of last week:
On Tuesday and Wednesday i had my examinations for the end of summer school. The first was my Shakespeare exam which went fairly well but my second exam was a literature exam which was not so great. I really loved the paper and spent quite a lot of time preparing for the exam; determined to get a good mark. But i found that writing three essays in two hours is virtually impossible, i ran out of time! Also the exam had half of the instructions printed on another side of paper which i did not see! I was a little stressed out so did not even see these instructions, i was very disappointed when i realised the mistake i had made. I did end up writing around 20 pages and came up with some pretty good points but i don't see how i can get more than a B because i didn't do half of what i was supposed to. I was upset for the whole day but then realised that there was nothing that i could do about it. I ended up getting a few extra shifts at work which is GREAT! more money for my America funds! On Wednesday night we went to a very cute little bar in Newmarket called Lucha Lounge to see a band play. The band were the Squirrel Skin Slippers and they were really good! They are a guy and girl who play bluesy garage rock, check out their myspace page, the lead girl was also incredibly stylish and beautiful! She had the cutest pair of oxford lace ups on that i have ever seen!
On Thursday after work i went to a friend/work colleagues leaving drinks. It was a relatively good night although i couldn't afford to buy too many drinks and spent most of the night lingering in second hand smoke (which i really hate!!). My Dad come up to visit in the weekend bringing my sister up to live in Auckland permanently which will be fantastic! It is always great to have more family close to me as i am a huge family person! We went to Piha beach on Sunday which was absolutely beautiful! In order to get to Piha you have to drive across some ranges and through native New Zealand bush/forest. The sun was sneaking through little gaps in the trees the whole way there which made the air a beautiful shade of green and golden yellow. Here's a picture of Piha beach
Today i am loving
Mikyla She Set!
This girl is seriously the most amazing girl and my style icon! She is from London and goes out with the guitarist from The Horrors. I have a MAJOR girl crush on her! I bet you can see why..

So beautiful!
I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! Remember to keep an eye out for Tuesday Treasures i will be featuring a treasured item from one of my followers this week, very exciting!
Much Love for now
Lady Gxx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday Treasures.

Welcome to the third instalment of Tuesday Treasures! Remember if you want to share something drop me an email!, would be great to see your treasured items also!
This week i am sharing my beautiful, wonderfully adored pearl necklace. I was given this pearl necklace as a present from two of my sisters and absolutely cherish it. My birth month is June making my birth stone the pearl, i considered myself so fortunate! Nothing screams classy lady like a neck full of pearls and i always feel spectacular when i have this gem on. I love the vintage look of the 1920's flapper scene, and pearls played a big part in this. It is the perfect way to glam up any outfit and makes it just that little bit more special.
Also who could forget the very lovely Carrie (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) in the Sex and the City movie with that darling pearl necklace!

Hope you enjoyed this treasured tuesday!
Lady Gxx

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sometimes all you need is steak

Seriously i have been feeling very tired and crappy for the last week or so. Have been having trouble sleeping and energy levels are at an all time low! So as i was walking to catch the bus home on Friday night it occurred to me, i NEED iron! I have been some what vegetarian for the last month but being severly anaemic it is hard to keep my iron levels up. So last night i thought, 'i am going to cook steak for dinner!'. And i must say it was very, very delicious! As i sit on my sofa writing this post a little blast of irony is taking place in front of my eyes, as we are all aware it is indeed Valentines Day today (Happy Valentines Day to one and all) and i happen to be watching a count down of the Top 10 Celebrity break ups?? I just flicked over and on Entertainment tonight they have this countdown of failed relationships, it is a little funny as most other channels are playing love songs and romantic movies. I am not saying i am negative towards Valentines Day at all, it just amuses me that today of all days they would have this countdown! :] As for my Valentines Day, it has been spent in doors studying. The weather is grey and raining and i have exams on Tuesday and Wednesday so it is only fitting that i should be doing so. Still i can imagine all the lovely gestures of love taking place out there in the world. I would love to hear your stories of love and Valentines, i am sure there will be some great posts to read. I hope you all are having a lovely day!
Lady Gxx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday, summer school is nearly over!


My life in books.

Today was the last day of classes for summer school. I’m taking a break from studying to catch up on some blogging. I didn’t sleep too well last night as it was very humid so as a result woke up a little later than usual this morning. I still had plenty of time to get ready but I will have to head out for my run tonight, which is fine, night time running is delightful! As I mentioned I had my last Shakespeare class today, I haven’t really enjoyed the paper like I thought I would. I guess it was the short period of time and having to cram six tragic plays in. That certainly does not help! But now I just have my exam on Tuesday and it’s all over. I don’t think I will be doing anymore Shakespeare, it isn’t for everybody! As for my other paper I have absolutely loved every moment of it! It was a literature paper on the ‘modern’ novel. We studied E.M.Forster, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Virginia Woolf, Jean Rhys, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Dan Dellilo, all amazingly gifted authors who have shaped the literary world. At the moment I am reading Gustave Flaubert, Sentimental Education which is also proving to be a breath taking novel. I can’t believe how talented some people are. One of my dreams is to be able to write something one day, even if it is just for me to read. :]
So basically my next couple of days will be devoted to plays and books which is fine by me, I will have to resist sneaky episodes of Gossip Girl; it’s getting so good! I am about to head out for my run, the sun is just setting and the air is fresh, can’t wait to get out there.
Lady Gxx

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cute, Cute, Cute Giveaway!

Head on over to Wichser Studio to enter a very adorable giveaway with delightful hand made necklaces and cute vintage goods! I have my fingers crossed for this one!
Thanks for the positive feedback on Tuesday Treasures, i love reading your comments and look forward to seeing your little treasures too so i can feature them as well! Remember to email me
Lady Gxx

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tuesday Treasures.

Second week of Tuesday Treasures! This week i am sharing with you my beautiful treasured neck scarf. Picked up at a second hand store for a steal price of 50c this little gem can add flavour to any outfit. Small and delicate the little blue, red and purple scarf fits perfectly tied around my neck. Sometimes i feel like an air hostess while wearing it but that in a way is sort of cute. :] Remember i would love to see your treasured items! Can be any item at all and not just clothing, anything! Email me at with a pic and small descritption.


 Love and treasured kisses
Lady Gxx

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am a little saddened to hear of horrific stories of animal cruelty. There is nothing more that breaks my heart than violence towards animals. My whole day can be brought down by hearing of such stories and it seems there are more and more appearing in the news. How can people be so cruel that they could physically abuse an animal? What sick part of them makes them think it is ok to do this, and whats worse is when they actually get pleasure from doing it. I feel sick reading some of the stuff that goes on, it's degrading to be a human when other humans are doing such disgusting acts of violence. I just found out that bars are starting to introduce new game machines that allow the players to pay money and try to catch crayfish like they would with soft toys. The player uses a metal hook to try and catch the crayfish and as a result the crayfish is often dropped several times and injured. Then if they win the crayfish they can either have it cooked at the place and eat it or take it home in a plastic bag. I mean come on! This is pure cruelty. I would never in my life eat a crayfish because they are killed in the worst way possible (usually boiled alive, because they 'taste better' this way, let alone catch the poor creature in a machine like a stuffed animal. There is an organisation on Facebook that made me aware of this and they have a list of places who have these disgsuting machines. I spent an hour last night emailing them abusive emails stating my disapointment with these places and have just recieved back some nasty emails. Frankly i don't care what they have to say, i will never visit any of these places and have told everyone i know not too also. I wish there was more that i could do sometimes i feel so hopeless. I wish humans were more kind to animals, they are so helpless and innocent. It breaks my heart.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spending time with family.

Family are so important! I've spent the last three days with my Mum her partner, my sister and her boyfriend and it has been absolutely amazing. It was just the pick me up that i needed, i'm getting into exams at university so have been feeling a little stressed and low in energy, thank you my beautiful family for making me smile always. My Mum and partner came up to Auckland on Thursday for a concert and are leaving tomorrow. They live five hours away so i don't get to see them nearly as much as i would like too. On Friday we had a lovely lunch at Mission Bay where we went and had waffle icecreams on the beach afterwards, the weather was fantastic and we had a great day. Today i had to work till 4, then we met up for dinner. We had Pita Pit (absolutely delicious!) on Takapuna Beach and then headed up Mount Victoria in Devonport to catch the sunset over the ranges behind Auckland city. The view was so, so beautiful. The night was ended by having delicious coffee and baked cheesecake at a cute little cafe on Ponsonby Road. I am very, VERY sad that Mum is going home tomorrow but feel revived and ready for the week. I am always sad when family leave as they mean alot to me, but look forward to seeing my Dad and sisters soon.









Goodnight for now lovely bloggers.
Lady Gxx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Treasures.

So i'm going to start a new weekly instalment called Tuesday Treasures, every Tuesday i'm going to put up an item that i absolutely love, and i would like to see your items too. So if you would like any items to be involved you can email me at with a short description of why you love that item.This week i've chosen my black and white spotted blouse. I brought the blouse for a measly $5.00 at a second hand store. It was brought at a time when i was going through a spotty stage so i was absolutely in love with it the moment i saw it. The blouse looks so cute under cardigans or worn over dresses and for
$5.00 you can't really go too wrong! 
Hope you enjoyed the first segment of Tuesday Treasures, i look forward to seeing some of your items also!
Lots of love and second hand goodness
Lady Gxx

Monday, February 1, 2010

Best Blog Award!


Wow, i am so greatful! Ulrika over at The Red Rosette has awarded my blog with the Best Blog award. Thank you very much Ulrika, you are one great follower!
- Accept the award placing it on your blog, naming the person who gave you the award and a link to their blog - Pass the award on to about 5 other blogs that you have recently discovered and think are lovely -Contact the bloggers you have given this to, so they can receive it.

5 Bloggers I feel deserve this award:

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Miss L
The Diary of an Indy Grrrl
CREATIVE SPACES & untied laces

Take a look at these great blogs!

A big hello to all my new followers!

Hello to you! and welcome to my blog. It is so exciting to see new followers and i am really happy that you stop by my blog and read my little dribs and drabs, i really do appreciate it. I have been blogging for a whole month now, and have enjoyed every moment of it. I am also slowly being introduced to all the great blogs out there, if you would like to share your blog leave me a comment and i'll be sure to stop on by! I have just been for an incredibly long run and feel amazing! Late night exercise in the summer is the best, it is not as hot and running in the dark is very refreshing. I also love seeing everyone out enjoying the delicious summer nights. I made a new playlist especially for my run, i don't normally listen to pop music but when i exercise i find it really picks my energy levels up, so i popped some Timberland, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and even a Pussycat Dolls number got on there. Most deffinetly not my usual cup of tea, but it is great to indulge in some pop every now and then and exercise is the perfect excuse! Sooo i've been thinking whether i want to dye my hair this week? I'm not sure whether i should go redder, or let my natural hair colour grow out (my natural hair colour is strawberry blondish) here are some photos of my hair when it was quite red (and shorter!!)
what do you think??

Lady G xx