Sunday, February 7, 2010


I am a little saddened to hear of horrific stories of animal cruelty. There is nothing more that breaks my heart than violence towards animals. My whole day can be brought down by hearing of such stories and it seems there are more and more appearing in the news. How can people be so cruel that they could physically abuse an animal? What sick part of them makes them think it is ok to do this, and whats worse is when they actually get pleasure from doing it. I feel sick reading some of the stuff that goes on, it's degrading to be a human when other humans are doing such disgusting acts of violence. I just found out that bars are starting to introduce new game machines that allow the players to pay money and try to catch crayfish like they would with soft toys. The player uses a metal hook to try and catch the crayfish and as a result the crayfish is often dropped several times and injured. Then if they win the crayfish they can either have it cooked at the place and eat it or take it home in a plastic bag. I mean come on! This is pure cruelty. I would never in my life eat a crayfish because they are killed in the worst way possible (usually boiled alive, because they 'taste better' this way, let alone catch the poor creature in a machine like a stuffed animal. There is an organisation on Facebook that made me aware of this and they have a list of places who have these disgsuting machines. I spent an hour last night emailing them abusive emails stating my disapointment with these places and have just recieved back some nasty emails. Frankly i don't care what they have to say, i will never visit any of these places and have told everyone i know not too also. I wish there was more that i could do sometimes i feel so hopeless. I wish humans were more kind to animals, they are so helpless and innocent. It breaks my heart.


  1. kudos to you for emailing these guys and letting them know how you feel.

    Dog fighting is always a sore spot for me. To provoke dogs to fight each other strictly for gambling purposes just breaks my heart.

  2. It makes me sick and sad to hear about animal abuse. It's the only thing that really kills me.

  3. I'm a really calm, quiet, animal-loving tree hugger, but when I hear of animal cruelty, it serious makes me feel violent. I don't understand how anyone gets the idea that an animal's life is an less valuable than their own; it truly breaks my heart like nothing else.

  4. I just saw the guy who owns the Crayfish Machine business on TV and he was terrible! So rude and stupid, bad mouthing SAFE and the SPCA. Argh! I got so angry hearing him trying to defend such a sick and twisted thing. Just because crays aren't cute and cuddly doesn't mean they don't deserve the respectful treatment as other animals. =(


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