Monday, February 1, 2010

A big hello to all my new followers!

Hello to you! and welcome to my blog. It is so exciting to see new followers and i am really happy that you stop by my blog and read my little dribs and drabs, i really do appreciate it. I have been blogging for a whole month now, and have enjoyed every moment of it. I am also slowly being introduced to all the great blogs out there, if you would like to share your blog leave me a comment and i'll be sure to stop on by! I have just been for an incredibly long run and feel amazing! Late night exercise in the summer is the best, it is not as hot and running in the dark is very refreshing. I also love seeing everyone out enjoying the delicious summer nights. I made a new playlist especially for my run, i don't normally listen to pop music but when i exercise i find it really picks my energy levels up, so i popped some Timberland, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and even a Pussycat Dolls number got on there. Most deffinetly not my usual cup of tea, but it is great to indulge in some pop every now and then and exercise is the perfect excuse! Sooo i've been thinking whether i want to dye my hair this week? I'm not sure whether i should go redder, or let my natural hair colour grow out (my natural hair colour is strawberry blondish) here are some photos of my hair when it was quite red (and shorter!!)
what do you think??

Lady G xx


  1. haha, i know, pop isn´t usually what I listen to either but recently I've been addicted to Lady gaga's Bad romance, hmmm. Anyways, you look great in the photos,really red hair suits you! :)

  2. Hi, I awarded you a blogaward on my blog, check it out :)

  3. The hair looks awesome in that red shade!

    Do it pink! Pink hair is awesome x

  4. that music is definitely good for a workout.

    i love your hair in the pictures!
    i'd be curious to see your natural look too, tho.

  5. I like you're red hair, Im getting mine died tomorow, hope it doesn't go wrong


  6. oh my gosh! i'm so jealous you can pull that color off!
    i'm native american and italian... which means I tan red, so I could never pull off red hair. *jealous*



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