Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sometimes all you need is steak

Seriously i have been feeling very tired and crappy for the last week or so. Have been having trouble sleeping and energy levels are at an all time low! So as i was walking to catch the bus home on Friday night it occurred to me, i NEED iron! I have been some what vegetarian for the last month but being severly anaemic it is hard to keep my iron levels up. So last night i thought, 'i am going to cook steak for dinner!'. And i must say it was very, very delicious! As i sit on my sofa writing this post a little blast of irony is taking place in front of my eyes, as we are all aware it is indeed Valentines Day today (Happy Valentines Day to one and all) and i happen to be watching a count down of the Top 10 Celebrity break ups?? I just flicked over and on Entertainment tonight they have this countdown of failed relationships, it is a little funny as most other channels are playing love songs and romantic movies. I am not saying i am negative towards Valentines Day at all, it just amuses me that today of all days they would have this countdown! :] As for my Valentines Day, it has been spent in doors studying. The weather is grey and raining and i have exams on Tuesday and Wednesday so it is only fitting that i should be doing so. Still i can imagine all the lovely gestures of love taking place out there in the world. I would love to hear your stories of love and Valentines, i am sure there will be some great posts to read. I hope you all are having a lovely day!
Lady Gxx


  1. Aww cute post!

    I am anemic as sucks. I am supposed to take Iron pills but I forget all the time =/

  2. I get like that too. Like sometimes I know my body needs like steak or eggs or some kind of protein or I'll collapse. A salad isn't going to cut it.

  3. Hi Gabrielle,
    I came across your blog via Sometimes Sweet. It's a nice mix of all kinds of topics.
    I only have an issue with your valentine's day post. No offence, but how can you put up a post about cruelty on animals and how you detest it and one week later post a text about how you cooked some steaks to increase your iron levels?!
    There are so many ways to keep your iron levels up while still eating vegetarian...
    Sorry, but I felt like commenting.
    Cheers, Sandra

  4. Hi Sandra,
    Yes indeed that is a very valid point! I have been slowly switching to being vegetarian although i admit i still do eat the occasional meat and yes that does sound hypocritical. That post on animal cruelty was referring to animals that are being abused, as in put in a gaming machine and thrown around. Cows in New Zealand live pretty good lives, they live in huge paddocks and are generally looked after well.They also killed humanely not boiled alive, I know that does not justify people killing them for meat and not eating meat is something that i am working on phasing out. I do appreciate your feedback i hadn't even looked it at it that way until now but it is a very good point!
    Lady Gxx

  5. Hi Gabrielle,
    as I said, I didn't mean to offend you, but I also experienced myself that sometimes one needs a little input from outside to think about things a little differently. Glad you got my point :-)
    I just recently got myself Alicia Silverstone's (yeah, the actress) book 'The Kind Diet'. It's a great read about why to go vegetarian and even vegan. It also provides great help with how to substitute meat and dairy products with nice foods and still keep one's level of nutrients. She also has a website with a great forum where one can learn a lot from others:
    Looking forward to reading more from your life in New Zealand!
    Cheers from Munich,


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