Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday Treasures.

Welcome to the third instalment of Tuesday Treasures! Remember if you want to share something drop me an email!, would be great to see your treasured items also!
This week i am sharing my beautiful, wonderfully adored pearl necklace. I was given this pearl necklace as a present from two of my sisters and absolutely cherish it. My birth month is June making my birth stone the pearl, i considered myself so fortunate! Nothing screams classy lady like a neck full of pearls and i always feel spectacular when i have this gem on. I love the vintage look of the 1920's flapper scene, and pearls played a big part in this. It is the perfect way to glam up any outfit and makes it just that little bit more special.
Also who could forget the very lovely Carrie (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) in the Sex and the City movie with that darling pearl necklace!

Hope you enjoyed this treasured tuesday!
Lady Gxx


  1. I love this weekly post!Lovely necklace sweetie!xxx

  2. I have three pearl necklaces; one really good costume that looks authentic that I can wear when I want to let my inner Michelle Obama shine. one inherited from my grandmother, real and comes out for special occassions, and one fake long strand that I adore. Couldn't live without my pearls =)

  3. Oooh! OK, I think I will email you. I just wasn't sure if the treasured item needed to be a vintage/op shop find. Since your necklace was given to you, I'm thinking it doesn't so I'll email you my picture.

  4. I absolutely adore pearls. I still have my costume pearls from senior prom that I only paid $5 for.

  5. I also like pearl. But I would like to get the real ones, but they are very expensive. I don't want to have these which are specially breeded to shops. I wnat to have real ones so my boyfriend have a big problem now ;D

  6. nothing speaks glamorous than a beautiful piece of pearl necklace <3<3<3

    eclectic du jour

  7. I don't usually wear pearls, but these are really lovely and suit you so well :)


  8. Aaaw Sarah Jessica Parker also wore this necklace while she was in her pjs in the movie which I find EXTREMELY cool :)
    she is so fabulous, she was even taking care of her looks before sleep!


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