Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lost Control.

I was at my friend Amy's house today and happened to pick up this amazing book, Lost Control. Amy is a hugely talented creative lady who has recently being trying to get her own graphic design company off the ground. I am constantly envious of her mad skills and know she will go far with her work. The company is called Scizzorface and is a collaboration between Amy Selby and my other friend Jess Moore (who is also amazingly gifted) their website Scizzorface is currently under construction but i suggest you keep an eye out for these ladies, they'll be rocking your socks off any day now.
So the book i picked up, Lost Control, shows what i would consider to be some of the best that graphic design installations have to offer. Each work is both spontaneous and calculated at the same time and their characteristics are influencing other graphic designers all over the world. Here are a few of the images that i particularly enjoyed.

Hope you all have your costumes on for Halloween, this year i was prepared and brought candy treats for the trick or treaters but sadly i haven't had any knocks on my door. I guess i look like the creepy cat lady waiting by the door with a bag of sweeties in my hand. Your loss children, i will consume all of the chocolate freddos myself.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Meet Stalin.
He's black and white, furry and stands about one foot off the ground. His favourite past time would have to be playing games. He recently learned about hide and seek, looks like we found you Stalin.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New and improved blog layout.

Whilst trying to write my essay today my attention sparked else where, to my blog, where else! With time on my hands i thought why not flash up my blog. So here it is folks, new header, new backgroud, new title, same old Gabrielle. Hope your tuesdays ruled.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I smell summer.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yoko Ono is following me!

On twitter, eeeeeeeeeeek! MissGJohnson Like for real.

Jealous? Of course you are!

Also vote for a friends band to open for Bon Jovi here in New Zealand. Click on the link and head to the last page to vote for the Nomadic Snails. To clear things up it started as a bit of a joke i believe, they don't live to listen to Bon Jovi, nor do they look anything like what a Bon Jovi opening band should look like, so if that isn't inspiration enough to vote what is wrong with you! Do it now i suggest.

Don't let me down now folks.

Sunday evening.

Good evening all, i trust your weekends went swellingly. Mine was quiet and satsifying. I am currently working my way through the first stages of research for my final History essay. The first stages are always the most tedious for sure, i find it extremely difficult just motivating myself to sit down and read historians work. It is especially difficult because i have started reading 100 years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I can see the orange and white penquin classic from where i am sitting and would much rather be reading it! Last week i went to the Paramore concert. God i love Hayley Williams, she is so freaking cool! And the band were also exceptional, you can tell they have been at it for six years, the sound was perfect and everything seemed to blend so well together. I tried taking some shotty photos with my cheap as chips camera but i apoligise for the ant sized, blurry figures on stage, i swear that is Paramore!


Having my two little sisters up for a couple of days was great also. Not to sound too cheesy but i feel the better side of myself comes out when i am around my family. I guess the majority of us feel that way. I had my first trip to Cornwell Park, one of Auckland's best keep secrets. It was here that we got to see the adorable little lambies frolicking in all their cuteness. We picked a mob at the far end and preceeded in naming each one with some ridicilous name such as Spartacus or Rufus. It was fitting at the time.

Cornwall Park:

My sis is having her baby soon. It will be my first niece or nephew. I feel weird being an aunty even though i'm jetsetting off for a year and will miss the cute little infant years. I will have to talk baby over skype. You should pop on over to my sisters blog and say hi. Hanna Francesca. Shes one little crafty lady, i'm amazed at her creative skills and slightly envious also. Too shame i feel i am too lazy to be creative. It's a phase, i'll get over it!
Anyway my neck hurts, a clear sign i have been on the internet for too long. Until next time, LOVE!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jackson Eaton.
This man is making me wish i was a photographer, if i had some money i would get my butt a camera and attempt to take some fancy shots.
Also i have been feeling the need to resort to third person.
I find everything sounds just a little bit more special this way.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

 I am on the hunt for oversized everything. I want a cardigan, vintage band tee and jersey of some description. I have been sifting through some pictures on the internet, and i'm in love with this look. I know every girl is cranking it at the moment, but for once i really don't care. It's such a damn good look, i want in!

Question: What look are you totally getting off on lately?