Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lost Control.

I was at my friend Amy's house today and happened to pick up this amazing book, Lost Control. Amy is a hugely talented creative lady who has recently being trying to get her own graphic design company off the ground. I am constantly envious of her mad skills and know she will go far with her work. The company is called Scizzorface and is a collaboration between Amy Selby and my other friend Jess Moore (who is also amazingly gifted) their website Scizzorface is currently under construction but i suggest you keep an eye out for these ladies, they'll be rocking your socks off any day now.
So the book i picked up, Lost Control, shows what i would consider to be some of the best that graphic design installations have to offer. Each work is both spontaneous and calculated at the same time and their characteristics are influencing other graphic designers all over the world. Here are a few of the images that i particularly enjoyed.

Hope you all have your costumes on for Halloween, this year i was prepared and brought candy treats for the trick or treaters but sadly i haven't had any knocks on my door. I guess i look like the creepy cat lady waiting by the door with a bag of sweeties in my hand. Your loss children, i will consume all of the chocolate freddos myself.

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