Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yoko Ono is following me!

On twitter, eeeeeeeeeeek! MissGJohnson Like for real.

Jealous? Of course you are!

Also vote for a friends band to open for Bon Jovi here in New Zealand. Click on the link and head to the last page to vote for the Nomadic Snails. To clear things up it started as a bit of a joke i believe, they don't live to listen to Bon Jovi, nor do they look anything like what a Bon Jovi opening band should look like, so if that isn't inspiration enough to vote what is wrong with you! Do it now i suggest.

Don't let me down now folks.


  1. Yoko following you is pretty dope :-)

  2. I know!! I can't believe my eyes! She is one pretty rad lady!


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