Sunday, January 31, 2010

I think i need to start saving!

This is our moon tonight, isn't it beautiful?....So today i officially decided that i have to really start getting serious about saving money for America. That means i probably have to give up my life for a year. At the moment i'm studying and working part-time so basically every pennie has to go into my savings account. I think it will probably be quite hard work but if i manage to keep my goals and priorities in sight it should be very rewarding. I know it's still 11 months away until i move to Seattle, but it will go extremely fast, as all time does. I have so much to do before i go. I have to sell majority of the stuff i own. I know i am going to be very frightened when i go. I don't know anyone over there, and i'm pretty much coming over on my own. I am going through an organisation that helps students set up all their visa's and stuff like that so it won't be too bad, but i will miss my family quite alot. It will be the furthest i have ever been away from them. In saying that, i am already so excited, i think about it all the time! 
Well another weekend is over, i hope you all had a fabulous one, many of you are still in yours, silly New Zealand time difference! :]
Lady Gxx

Friday, January 29, 2010

Party like it's 1999.

I'm trying to decide whether i want to go out tonight or not. My friend is djing at our local hangout so would be good to go but there's all the other factors I think it's time for a pro's and con's list.
So Pro's:
-I haven't been out in a long time
-I would get to dress up!(yay, fun!)
-I do sort of feel like dancing
-Would get to see my friend
And Con's:
-I'm tired after working today
-I'm poor!
-I have an essay due on Tuesday, in which i haven't even started writing yet
-I'm pretty sure it's going to rain soon
-I would have to decide on what to wear, and we all know that can be a effort!

God i sound like a fifty year old woman! Haha, does anyone else make these kind of lists when it comes to simple decisions! Well i haven't decided yet what i will do but if i do there may be some outfit pics coming!
For now, LOVE!
Lady G xx

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mid-summer storms?

It was strangely stormy today. There's nothing like a mid summer storm, it was actually quite refreshing to get a break from the hot summer weather. The cats didn't like it though, it was their first ever big storm so i don't think they understood what was going on. After the initial shock of the very loud thunder, we sat by the window watching the rain pelt down on the glass. With a hot cup of tea in one hand and a copy of Virignia Woolf, The Waves in another it seemed like the perfect time for a storm. It was also handy weather as i was stuck indoors all day working on my essay which is due tomorrow. I have finished writing, now begin the tedious process of editing. Oh how i hate editing.
I was at the supermarket today, and i can't believe that easter eggs are out already!! It's bad news for me, i am addicted to creme eggs. I think i might have to learn some self control! =] Anyway i thought i'd leave you with another late night snap.
Don't be fooled by the smile either, i was actually grimacing in pain from having to stare at the computer screen for the last six hours.
Lady G xx

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Night Cap.

The sun descending in the west,
The evening star does shine;
The birds are silent in their nest,
And I must seek for mine.
The moon, like a flower
In heaven's high bower,
With silent delight,
Sits and smiles on the night.

A passage from William Blakes poem 'Night'.

Goodnight lovelies!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday.

I woke up today to a beautiful day. The birds were singing, the air was fresh, the sun was charging through my window and the smell of fresh coffee was a delight to my nose. I went for a run, and was made even happier by the amount of cute dogs being walked by their owners. I decided to run up our local mount, don't worry it's not a mountain in the sense of the mountains you're thinking about! I'm not that keen! =)
It's called Mount Albert and used to be volcanic but fortunately no longer is!
Here's a picture of my city Auckland, from the top of Mount Albert.
Pretty cool huh?
I'm about to head into university, i have a close reading test on Shakespeare first thing so hopefully i can pull out my brilliant analysing skills and blow my teachers away, hmm, yes, well we will see won't we.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
Lady Gxx

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's black and white night.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite pics to start the week..






Also i want to know, what is your favourite music album of all time? I know it can be so very difficult to pick just one so maybe you have a couple. Mine would have to be Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie. 
This album is actually amazing, and one of those ones that i have listened to a million times and will never get sick of. Each song is beautifully written, and i can't help but feel the worlds an ok place when music this wonderful can be produced. I would love to hear about your favourite!
Talking to you soon,
Lady G xx

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday night fun.

Well it seems another weekend is over. I didn't get alot done in terms of personal leisure and socialising as i have reached the time at University when all my assignments seem to be due at once! I feel compelled to note now that i unfortunately do NOT have the world's best time management skills so find it extremely difficult to get these things done..I also have been quite addicted to watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls which does not help the situation =)
However one great programme i want to mention (and one of my favourites) is Ace Of Cakes. Does anyone watch this great show?? I'm not sure what time it views in your country but here in New Zealand it's on at 11.30pm Sunday night, which makes a great end to the weekend. Check out the fabulous Charm City team at their website My favourite is Geof, he is adorable!
Anyway a goodnight pic for you..
Goodnight my little bloggers!
Much love, Lady G xx

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cute Giveaway.

Yay for bloggers cute giveaways! To be in to win an adorable hand made flower pin head over to Love and Happiness. I'm already entered in to win and you should be too!
Lady G xx.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My tattoo.

Judgement Day. today was the first day that i officially felt judged for having a tattoo. It was quite strange to see how it affected someone when in reality it is really none of their business. This women came into my work (i work at a Bookstore/Cafe) with one of her friends and insisted on being rude to me for no apparent reason. I was perfectly nice to her as i feel this irritates people even more and proves a point that just because someone can have a tattoo, does'nt immediately make them a bad person. So as i went over to clear her table she looked at my arm and went 'uck' to her friend. I actually could'nt believe it. It did'nt upset me in anyway as i am proud of my tattoo and absolutely love it. I just could'nt believe that people are still so narrow minded and feel they are able to judge someone they don't even know. I guess i am still extremely niave in this world that we live in.
I have only had my tattoo since September last year but as i chose to get it on my forearm it is very visible. This does not bother me, and i always see people's eyes drawn to my arm when they are talking to me. I think most of the time they are just curious though and trying to see what the tattoo is. It's flattering really.
I'm thinking about getting a half sleave done in the future, but have yet to decide if and what i will get done. I think tattoos are absolutely beautiful when done right, and when you can tell people have put thought into what they have on them. It is also always extremely inspiration to see people confidentally displaying their body art when they know there will always be someone out there wanting to judge. I know i certainly did not get my tattoo to prove a point to anyone, but it does'nt feel any less satisfying when nasty people are put in their place. I hope whatever that ladies problem was she gets over soon, obviously there must be something in her life bringing it down and it is sad that she feels she must take it out on other people for just being themselves.
Much love to all the beautiful tattoed people out there, i salute you!
Living and loving life as always
Lady G xx

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Start to the Day.

So i woke up this morning feeling terrible! I'm not sure if it was the sushi i had lastnight not agreeing with my system or some other unknown cause, but my stomach was going crazy on me.
I just spent the last four hours huddled on my bed in the foetus position basically in agony! Finally i am starting to feel a little better, but it's a shame because i had to miss my Uni classes today.
On a brighter note...
I managed to buy a copy of Chronicle of a Death Foretold for $3.00!
And my flatmate made me a pretty amazing collage for my coffee tumbler. Now i look totally awesome while drinking my favourite beverage.
Bless you!
Lady G xx.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dasha and I work on my assignment.

Writing an essay is made even sweeter when a beautiful black cat is sleeping on your lap. Lady G xx

Monday, January 18, 2010

Favourite things.

While avoiding starting a very complex English essay, i thought i'd take some snap shots of some of my favourite things in my room right now. I was also contemplating what to have for dinner, i was thinking pasta? Lady Gxx