Friday, January 22, 2010

Judgement Day. today was the first day that i officially felt judged for having a tattoo. It was quite strange to see how it affected someone when in reality it is really none of their business. This women came into my work (i work at a Bookstore/Cafe) with one of her friends and insisted on being rude to me for no apparent reason. I was perfectly nice to her as i feel this irritates people even more and proves a point that just because someone can have a tattoo, does'nt immediately make them a bad person. So as i went over to clear her table she looked at my arm and went 'uck' to her friend. I actually could'nt believe it. It did'nt upset me in anyway as i am proud of my tattoo and absolutely love it. I just could'nt believe that people are still so narrow minded and feel they are able to judge someone they don't even know. I guess i am still extremely niave in this world that we live in.
I have only had my tattoo since September last year but as i chose to get it on my forearm it is very visible. This does not bother me, and i always see people's eyes drawn to my arm when they are talking to me. I think most of the time they are just curious though and trying to see what the tattoo is. It's flattering really.
I'm thinking about getting a half sleave done in the future, but have yet to decide if and what i will get done. I think tattoos are absolutely beautiful when done right, and when you can tell people have put thought into what they have on them. It is also always extremely inspiration to see people confidentally displaying their body art when they know there will always be someone out there wanting to judge. I know i certainly did not get my tattoo to prove a point to anyone, but it does'nt feel any less satisfying when nasty people are put in their place. I hope whatever that ladies problem was she gets over soon, obviously there must be something in her life bringing it down and it is sad that she feels she must take it out on other people for just being themselves.
Much love to all the beautiful tattoed people out there, i salute you!
Living and loving life as always
Lady G xx


  1. hi new blog friend!

    i'm in a bit of a rush now, but didn't want to forget to say hello and say welcome to the wonderful world of blogging...and also...thank you for following my little blog! it's always great meeting new people. hoping to find more time to peruse your blog later!


  2. I've got a tattoo as well (on the inside of my arm near my wrist, so it's also very visible), and I've gotten mixed reactions from people. I don't really think a tattoo is any different from having pierced ears, but I guess not everyone accepts that art isn't only for the walls in our home! My brother gets dirty looks because he is working on a full sleeve. I think it's awesome! Do you have pictures of yours you could share? I'd love to see!

  3. Hi Danielle!
    Lovely to hear from you! Yes, i know, people should not look down on someone for having a tattoo. We are the brave in life that dare to be ourselves and stand up to those who continue to judge. I love, LOVE seeing tattoos everywhere, and it's great that they are becoming more and more common. I will put some pictures up now for you! :)

  4. James just filled me in on these old ducks =) They sound terrible! I love your tattoo and hope to get one someday. Bring on the dirty looks!

  5. I know, they were pretty nasty ladies! There seems to be a problem with middle aged women at Baci Lounge, they don't act very pleasent which makes me wonder do all women end up that way? No of course not, there's no way we will end up like that! :)

  6. I dont want to put you off getting more tattoos, but you have so many more comments to come.

    I hate it, I have people grab my arms in pubs/shops/the street to try and look, and people feel its ok to manhandle you because you have tattoos. It upsets me most of the time but I guess its something you'll get used to!

    Well done for not letting it phase you though! x


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