Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday night fun.

Well it seems another weekend is over. I didn't get alot done in terms of personal leisure and socialising as i have reached the time at University when all my assignments seem to be due at once! I feel compelled to note now that i unfortunately do NOT have the world's best time management skills so find it extremely difficult to get these things done..I also have been quite addicted to watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls which does not help the situation =)
However one great programme i want to mention (and one of my favourites) is Ace Of Cakes. Does anyone watch this great show?? I'm not sure what time it views in your country but here in New Zealand it's on at 11.30pm Sunday night, which makes a great end to the weekend. Check out the fabulous Charm City team at their website My favourite is Geof, he is adorable!
Anyway a goodnight pic for you..
Goodnight my little bloggers!
Much love, Lady G xx


  1. i will have to check this out - seeing as though food is what my blog is ALL about - i will need to stay hip and happenning with the foodies ;) thanks for sharing

    Betty Bake

  2. I love Ace of Cakes it seems like such a fun place to work!

  3. I love Geof! he is so adorable :)
    and talented... of course.


  4. Hello, Gabrielle!

    I was so glad to have gotten the comment you posted on my blog, it warmed my heart!
    You have such a cute blog, girlfran! I can't wait to hear more about your life, so now I'm following you, too :)
    I love what you said about watching Gilmore Girls problem was with Gossip Girl and Dexter (by the way, I am NOT proud of my Gossip Girl addiction ;) ). I have the same problem with time you see me here on blogger!
    Anyway, I'm excited to read your blog, hope you have a great week!

    <3, Adie

  5. Have a good night sleep dear!


  6. aw, so cute! it seems that weekends never have enough time in them to actually do what you want/need to do...

  7. Thanks for all your comments! Ok...
    Betty- So glad to help out with your awesome blog on food! Food is one of my most favorite things in the world, so reading your blog is great!
    Post Grad Hair Cut- I know i am so jealous of their workplace, a secret dream of mine is to become super talented in cake art move to Baltimore and join forces with the Charm City crew...well maybe one day =)
    Emilia- So glad you like Geof also, how can someone so adorable exist! Part of my Charm City cake dream would be heavily hitting on Geof also!
    Adie- Yay we're blog friends now!! And shhh i also love Gossip Girls....
    Andy- Thank you so much! My sleep was fantastic i hope you also had a great night sleep
    and lucky last Meg, hello new friend! I know, i am most awful with weekend time management, But i live in hope for the next one!
    Much love guys i do enjoy reading your comments
    Lady G xx


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