Friday, January 29, 2010

Party like it's 1999.

I'm trying to decide whether i want to go out tonight or not. My friend is djing at our local hangout so would be good to go but there's all the other factors I think it's time for a pro's and con's list.
So Pro's:
-I haven't been out in a long time
-I would get to dress up!(yay, fun!)
-I do sort of feel like dancing
-Would get to see my friend
And Con's:
-I'm tired after working today
-I'm poor!
-I have an essay due on Tuesday, in which i haven't even started writing yet
-I'm pretty sure it's going to rain soon
-I would have to decide on what to wear, and we all know that can be a effort!

God i sound like a fifty year old woman! Haha, does anyone else make these kind of lists when it comes to simple decisions! Well i haven't decided yet what i will do but if i do there may be some outfit pics coming!
For now, LOVE!
Lady G xx


  1. haha, im totally the same!Did you go out in the end?xxx

  2. I'm glad other people are! No, i did'nt end up going, we saved money by having movie night instead which ended up probably being a better idea. Now i won't wake up hungover with a heap of writing to do. =]

  3. Oh shame! I was about to say - go out, you're still too young to be staying home! but then i realised, if you go out, your youth grows out faster anyway. You're pronlonging it by staying in, believe it or not. Late nights= havoc on skin and body!


  4. Haha! I'm totally the same way...I feel like a 50 year old woman a lot, but sometimes you just need to stay in!


  5. Ahh bless! I barely ever go out in evenings, I'm too busy making things. haha, such a loser!

    x x x

  6. No! That's great Lauren. Going out is for losers, haha!


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