Sunday, January 31, 2010

I think i need to start saving!

This is our moon tonight, isn't it beautiful?....So today i officially decided that i have to really start getting serious about saving money for America. That means i probably have to give up my life for a year. At the moment i'm studying and working part-time so basically every pennie has to go into my savings account. I think it will probably be quite hard work but if i manage to keep my goals and priorities in sight it should be very rewarding. I know it's still 11 months away until i move to Seattle, but it will go extremely fast, as all time does. I have so much to do before i go. I have to sell majority of the stuff i own. I know i am going to be very frightened when i go. I don't know anyone over there, and i'm pretty much coming over on my own. I am going through an organisation that helps students set up all their visa's and stuff like that so it won't be too bad, but i will miss my family quite alot. It will be the furthest i have ever been away from them. In saying that, i am already so excited, i think about it all the time! 
Well another weekend is over, i hope you all had a fabulous one, many of you are still in yours, silly New Zealand time difference! :]
Lady Gxx


  1. You really should go, it will problaly be the most frightening yet best experience of your life. When I moved to England from Finland to study I had never even been on a plane before, I was terrified. But you learn so much and I met my hubby as well within a month of moving there so it was absolutely the best choice of my life. Just go for it, it´s gonna be hard work saving up but it´s gonna be worth it!xxx

  2. Thanks so much Ulrika! Your support is amazing. I always love reading your comments.

  3. Wow, planning to move to another country must be time consuming and amazing. Good luck to you, my fellow English major ; )

  4. Thank you for the lovely long message :) Must be hard living so far away but your plan to move sounds good :)

  5. Where in Seattle are you thinking of living? I lived there for a little over seven years, so if you need any help, holler!

  6. I live in the Seattle area, let me know if you ever need any help!

    PS: Found you through Sometimes Sweet, hello!

    xx Cait.


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