Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where can i get you from Poncho.

Dear Poncho,
You are amazing. Jac Vanek owns you, how can I?
Tell me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas cheer.

Merry christmas lovely bloggers and blogettes. I hope you are all enjoying the best of times with your cherished loved ones. While missing my family immensely i am still feeling cheerful spending the day listening to great music, drinking delicious red wine and cooking amazing food to share with my two flatmates. On the menu:
Roast Beef - courtesy of moi' via With made from scratch red wine and vegetable gravy and cauliflower from cheese sauce. On the side creamy mashed potatoes.
Apple and Pear Crumble - stewed apple and pear with a crunchy rolled oat topping served with freshly whipped cream.
How can you not like christmas when there is so much food to be consumed!
I can't believe in a weeks time another year will be over. It still scares me how fast time goes, i know it sounds like a total cliche but it is true. The day is already long gone before the next one is ready to start, with this is mind it makes me glad to be in America this year. A change of scenery, people, music, food and culture can not be classed as time wasted. Life really is too short.
Sending all the love out to my family and friends in New Zealand, and to all the lovely people that take time out from their day to stop by Talking Bird. It is always a pleasure having you here.
Here's two songs i think you should listen to.
GroupLove - Colours.

Nouvelle Vague - The Killing Moon.

I hope your day is extra lovely.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ode to Seattle.

So i've been in Seattle for 14 days now and i think i'm falling in love. I wake up in the morning, there are squirells frollicking in the backyard, i look out the window and i can see mountain ranges covered in snow stretching as far as the eye can see. Cute little brick buildings litter the streets of neighbourhoods like Ballard and Fremont, where one can stop and sit in a comfortable cafe for an hour or two with a delicious hot coffee in hand. Past the rolling hills decorated with pastel toned houses one can see the skyline of Seattle's central business district. Not even the grey winter sky can numb the soul for the early riser is rewarded by a few precious hours of sunlight in the morning every now and again. What other little suprises do you have for me?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

She is sleepless in Seattle.

Finally, i have made it. I am here in Seattle ready to spread my wings and take flight. I have been here for three lovely days now and just starting to find my feet. After a long day of flying, and a couple of days catching up with sleep i think i am ready to see all this city has to offer. I am so lucky to have been shown around some cool places already by my lovely flatmate Kate, who took a chance on an unknown New Zealander and offered me a place to live without even meeting me. What a star. I must apoligise for not updating my blog in a bloody long time but i was pretty busy and holding out for Seattle. It was all i could think about! You forgive me right?
Ok so remarkable places i have visited so far.
Taco Bell - yes the all American takeout experience. While i admit i was slightly under the  influence of some cheap Australian wine (yes in America and still drinking cheap Australian wine, some things never change) the Taco Bell experience was highly memorable. Who can turn down a greasy burrito after a night out.
The BlackLodge - Is it a music venue, is it a flat? Who knows, what i do know is that the place is Awesomeeee! A sketchy warehouse type place where local bands jump on a shabby stage to blast out their tunes. Looking up you can see people's bedrooms and you can take your own alcohol in because it isn't legally a bar. Made more memorable by The Melvins, three boys wearing dresses playing Saxophone, Drums and Bass.
Cupcake Royale - One word for this place Looooooooove. And they do Stumptown Coffee! My first Stumptown experience and it was a great one. One delicious little espresso topped off by a mouth watering chocolate mini cupcake with strawberry frosting.
The Vintage Mall - A heavenly paradise. Two floors of vintage delight. A place where collectors would cream their pants, this is the creme de creme of all good vintage delights. Purchases made: One lovely little woollen cape with pockets and a beaded yellow necklace. All for the delightful price of $45.00.

Lowlights: Trying to find milk that doesn't taste like pure cream, i'm getting there!
Tax that isn't included in the price tag, noone likes the little extra suprise at checkout. I'm constantly being caught out.

But overall a small price to pay. I'm sure there are many, many treats in stall for the little New Zealander. On Tuesday night were heading out to the hipster part of town, Capitol Hill. Stories and pictures to follow, stay tuned.
Much Love, xx.