Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall..

Whose the fairest of them all?

Monday, May 17, 2010


I wrote 1400 words on my essay in 3 hours.
I walked for two hours.
I still find myself confused about Ushers single OMG...What the hell.
I drunk 3 coffees.
I drunk 2 litres of water and ate my five plus of fruit and veges.
I got a smile out of the delicious looking boy in my class, although it took me tripping on my bag strap to get it.
I got overly excited about going to America in seven months! GEESUS!
And decided i want THESE Vans!
Love Yall!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tiresome technology.

Yes i have had the worst week with technology, where to begin?....Well i lost my eftpos card first. That wasn't the end of the world just annoying, BUT then at work on Wednesday some chopping boards fell down on my phone which was sitting on the shelf and the next thing i know my phone is in the sink (which is filled with water) and yep it is destroyed, sizzled, dead pretty much. A new phone is the last thing i want to spend my money on! Then to top off my woes with technology, my computer plug/charger/thing no longer charges my computer. Great, how much will that be costing me!
Anywayyyyyyy.....i have my eye on a cute little sweat shirt dress from Wild Pair. I feel guilty for spending any money when i should be saving for America but it is my birthday in a few weeks and i feel i need a treat! Plus i need something to wear out for my birthday dinner and outing.


I finally got my necklace fixed! My sister brought it for me for my 21st birthday and i absolutely love it. It's a gold chain with a dragonfly on it, cuteness. I went to Real Groovy the other day, i love that place because if there was one place on earth that reminds me of Empire Records, Real Groovy would be it. One of my all time favourite movies is Empire Records so naturally i can find no fault with Real Groovy. There are some crazy sales going on right now, i got 5 CDS!! for $28.00, amazing. I got the Empire Records soundtrack (tehe) plus two Jimmy Eat World cd's, Junior Boys and Andrew WK. I like a little punk/pop/rock sometimes especially when i'm exercising. I have a huge list of cd's i want to buy right now, maybe one a week won't hurt? :)
Right now listening to Andrew WK-Party Hard, ironic as i am doing the complete opposite. I'm hulled up in my slacks watching Saturday night Live with snacks.
Happy Saturday night everybody!
P.S. Did you see the Jac Vanek team commented on my last post!! Am super stoked about that! I love her truely and absolutely!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I love Jac Vanek.

Jac Vanek is awesome, she has the most amazing life but she has worked her butt off to get there. I can't imagine it's an easy world out there for females in the music industry but she gets around, selling her own merchandise at all of the American music festivals. She's currently travelling around with the Bamboozle lot, so jealous! She also has one hell of a style and if i had the money i would totally get her hair.
check out her website/blog
 My female crush!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To the woman..

Who had a go at me at work today, i strongly dislike you. To my fire place that is roaring away in the corner, i love you and want to marry you so we can be together forever. My sister is crocheting me a beanie for winter, we went to the wool shop today and i picked out the colours. I chose grey and this delicious purple colour, you'll be jealous of how awesome i look with it on. I will post a picture when i am done!
About to watch Sex and the City re-runs for like the millionth time. Awesome.
Much love
Lady G xx

The New Pornographers Review by moi.

Here's my first ever music review!!
To be published in our university magazine.

‘Pop music as it should be, raw and without the cliché mainstream bullshit.'

Canadian-US collective group The New Pornographers are back with their fifth studio album Together with Neko Case and Destroyer’s Dan Bejar, Together also features contributions from Beirut’s Zach Condon, St Vincent’s Annie Clark and the horn section from the Dap-Kings. The title Together suggests what the album is all about; a collaboration of beautifully crafted lyrics, harmonic melody and the perfect mixture of pop rock seduction and explosive alternative glory. As a dedicated fan I could find no fault with the album. Perhaps a little mellower than former albums Electric Version and Twin Cinema, the album is still a great indulgence of pop powered goodness. Some of the vocals may sound similar to bands like Belle and Sebastian, The Mountain Goats or My Morning Jacket, but don’t be fooled; The New Pornographers are a band born on originality. Determined to pull away from the generic-ness of yet another ‘alternative’ band, the Pornographers offer light, fun, pop driven music that is bound to have you off your feet in no time. The New Pornographers take the shame out of ‘pop’ music and have somehow managed to make it cool again. They have invented their own sound and have stayed loyal to this over the years, from the 2000 debut release of Mass Romantic, to the band’s last release Challengers in 2007. ‘Together’ is yet another example of this great distinctive sound. The use of cello and strings provides an interesting twist throughout the album while tracks like ‘Your hands’ opt for a more rock based approach. While all the tracks are deliciously lust worthy, the best to linger over would be ‘Sweet Talk Sweet Talk’, ‘What Turns Up in the Dark’ and ‘We End Up Together’. For any Pornographers fan I can safely say you will not be disappointed; the tunes are catchy, the songs work well together and the lyrics will be stuck in your head, so if you have never heard the band before than what better place for the two of you to get together.

By Gabrielle Johnson.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Broken love and the human condition.

Lately i have been hearing nothing but sad stories about the damaging effects of love on the human condition. A friend of mine is completely broken after being destroyed by love and it makes me wonder how something that can be so pure and incredible can also be so devastating. My position on love is unclear, as someone who has never really experienced the emotion i can not be to sure of where i stand. All i can say is that i have seen what it can do to people. While some find happiness in the comfort of another person, others live in life long misery consumed with the potency of being a slave to your own heart. Then there's distinguishing love from infactuation, and believe me i know about infactuation.

I have my parents to blame for my tainted image of love. When i was sixteen they were divorced. After 22 years of marriage just like that it was over. I remember looking around at my friends, as their parents marriages disentegrated i thought to myself how lucky i was that i had parents who truely loved each other and i would never have to face a broken family. But then one day i cam home and everything changed. My mum left, my Dad was heartbroken and devastated blaming himself for everything that went wrong. Shutting himself away for hours on end, it was hard to see my Dad, someone usually so brave, destroyed in seconds. This is one image that will never escape me. I think about the heart break, is it all worth it? I have only been in one serious relationship that lasted two and a half years and while i can say i loved this person i know i was not in love with them. I don't even know if that makes sense to you, but to me there is a difference. I have been told that this will change, 'when you meet the 'one'', but i don't know. I think i have some pretty whacked up ideas now that will be hard to shake off.
I was thinking about the songs that spell out my feelings on love and relationships.
Stuff and Nonsense- Belinda Carlisle
Still in love- Nick Cave
White Flag- Dido
No One's Gonna Love You-Band of Brothers
The Girl-City and Colour
Anyone else but you- The Moldy Peaches
I will possess your heart-Death Cab For Cutie
So Real-Jeff Buckley
Closer-Kings Of Leon
Plug in baby- Muse
Love Gone.
 Storms-Fleetwood Mac
Hero-Regina Spektor
Crown of Love- Arcade Fire
Warning Sign- Coldplay
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye- David Gray
Title and Registration- Death Cab For Cutie
Mr Brightside-The Killers
Love is a game- The Magic Numbers

If you have time i recommend listening to any of these songs.