Monday, May 17, 2010


I wrote 1400 words on my essay in 3 hours.
I walked for two hours.
I still find myself confused about Ushers single OMG...What the hell.
I drunk 3 coffees.
I drunk 2 litres of water and ate my five plus of fruit and veges.
I got a smile out of the delicious looking boy in my class, although it took me tripping on my bag strap to get it.
I got overly excited about going to America in seven months! GEESUS!
And decided i want THESE Vans!
Love Yall!


  1. oh no, its an awful song!

    The 'oh-oh-oh-oh' bit is hilarious cos it reminds me of a UK comedy show and makes Usher sound soooo silly!

  2. Want. Those. Vans. SO MUCH! And I have to admit, I'm embarrassingly into that stupid Usher song. I'm really not sure why!

  3. I think it's obvious what Usher is singing about isn't it?

    He's found some woman on the dancefloor...she dances pretty good... so much so that he feels he needs to proclaim OMG as he can't describe such aesthetic perfection any other way. He can't give it up for this girl. He's only got eyes for her. Then Will.I.Am comes along and feels the same way. She seems to enchant every one that comes across her. But nothing happens to either of them.

    Obviously it's just your average night on the town for your average horny male.

    The amount of times he says "Oh my gosh" almost seems like he's jizzing in his pants every second of the song

    I don't get why he needed to make a song and dance about it though!

  4. Haha, i didn't mean the logistics of what he is singing about, i meant i don't understand all the nonsense going on in the background and the yelling and's just terrible, terrible noise! Sorry Kara! :)

  5. Oh I see. Apologies. Perhaps though, the nonsense in the background is just all the other frustrated males echoing the same frustrations (or proclamations) as Usher - just from the same chick... Whatever it is..It is confusing and not pleasing on the ears.. I shall not delve further into it haha.

  6. Hahahahaha, or is it just your frustration as a male about Ushers chick, cause she didn't notice you the other night at Cassette?

  7. Yeah. I think I'm just like every other male thinking I'm a better choice of male for her than the next guy really.

    In honesty I'm actually one of those many that a screaming ooooooooh in the background while Usher takes the limelight saying OMG.

    How can Usher go to cassette and just expect to take a woman from our hands like that!

    That's why we're the so called 'nonsense' in the background...

    Frustrating times.


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