Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tiresome technology.

Yes i have had the worst week with technology, where to begin?....Well i lost my eftpos card first. That wasn't the end of the world just annoying, BUT then at work on Wednesday some chopping boards fell down on my phone which was sitting on the shelf and the next thing i know my phone is in the sink (which is filled with water) and yep it is destroyed, sizzled, dead pretty much. A new phone is the last thing i want to spend my money on! Then to top off my woes with technology, my computer plug/charger/thing no longer charges my computer. Great, how much will that be costing me!
Anywayyyyyyy.....i have my eye on a cute little sweat shirt dress from Wild Pair. I feel guilty for spending any money when i should be saving for America but it is my birthday in a few weeks and i feel i need a treat! Plus i need something to wear out for my birthday dinner and outing.


I finally got my necklace fixed! My sister brought it for me for my 21st birthday and i absolutely love it. It's a gold chain with a dragonfly on it, cuteness. I went to Real Groovy the other day, i love that place because if there was one place on earth that reminds me of Empire Records, Real Groovy would be it. One of my all time favourite movies is Empire Records so naturally i can find no fault with Real Groovy. There are some crazy sales going on right now, i got 5 CDS!! for $28.00, amazing. I got the Empire Records soundtrack (tehe) plus two Jimmy Eat World cd's, Junior Boys and Andrew WK. I like a little punk/pop/rock sometimes especially when i'm exercising. I have a huge list of cd's i want to buy right now, maybe one a week won't hurt? :)
Right now listening to Andrew WK-Party Hard, ironic as i am doing the complete opposite. I'm hulled up in my slacks watching Saturday night Live with snacks.
Happy Saturday night everybody!
P.S. Did you see the Jac Vanek team commented on my last post!! Am super stoked about that! I love her truely and absolutely!


  1. My laptop charger blew up on me last week(for the third time) and I got a new one through trademe, so much cheaper! Sorry to hear about your crappy tech woes =(

  2. Ooooooh, that's such a good idea, i never thought of checking trade me! Thanks a ton, and god bless trade me!

  3. Ugh, that sucks! My laptop charger died on me back in March, I FREAKED out! And it wasn't cheap getting a new one :-(
    Good luck shaking off this bad techno juju that's following you around :-)
    Oh, and really like your new banner on top!


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