Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mid-summer storms?

It was strangely stormy today. There's nothing like a mid summer storm, it was actually quite refreshing to get a break from the hot summer weather. The cats didn't like it though, it was their first ever big storm so i don't think they understood what was going on. After the initial shock of the very loud thunder, we sat by the window watching the rain pelt down on the glass. With a hot cup of tea in one hand and a copy of Virignia Woolf, The Waves in another it seemed like the perfect time for a storm. It was also handy weather as i was stuck indoors all day working on my essay which is due tomorrow. I have finished writing, now begin the tedious process of editing. Oh how i hate editing.
I was at the supermarket today, and i can't believe that easter eggs are out already!! It's bad news for me, i am addicted to creme eggs. I think i might have to learn some self control! =] Anyway i thought i'd leave you with another late night snap.
Don't be fooled by the smile either, i was actually grimacing in pain from having to stare at the computer screen for the last six hours.
Lady G xx


  1. i really like reading one's story, especially when it is written in a very fun way just like you do.

    you look cute in that picture. you have amazing hair! :)

  2. Hey thanks so much for finding me, commenting and following!
    Nice blog you have - i also love the image of you in your 'twitter' link!

    I also love the little story in this post.
    I can imagine how you felt after staring at the laptop for so long...I do it WAY too much!


  3. I miss those relaxing summer storms. Snow is nice, but I'm ready for warm weather again!

  4. Ahhh, a Summer storm sounds amazing right now!
    -thanks for sharing a little look into your life!


  5. I was driving home from Morningside when the rain set in, sooo many unprepared people got caught out, while I was sitting comfortably in my car.

    Omg, Lovely Bones creeped me out! Walking home in the dark sucked!

  6. Thanks for following my blog, I've just had a read of yours and moving to america is a dream of mine aswell, good luck!

  7. Oh and I've just read your comment, agreed totally on the credit card front, strill trying to repay mine off.

    Course I'll follow you!


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