Monday, March 8, 2010

500 Days of summer.

Well it feels that way! I know you don't understand why i moan about the heat so much but i just don't like it! I am a winter baby at heart, i long for cold, LONG!!! I want to wear scarves! :) Ok, no more going on about the weather i am so sorry for always going on about it. Well today i sat by the loveliest girl in my History lecture. She smiled at me as i was about to sit down, then complimented my on my dress (which was awesome!) and then we had a great conversation. I love having conversations with strangers, it is always interesting when you just click with someone which was the case with this girl, hopefully i can find her next lecture so we can sit together again!
I was lucky enough to only have two hours of class today, ending the day at 1pm is the greatest thing ever. I did a little reading for my classic paper and then lazed around for the rest of the afternoon. I took a classics paper randomly and i am loving it! I really like the way in which Ancient Greeks believed in the amazing things that they did. The stories of the gods and goddesses are for the most part beautiful and the way in which the Greeks believed in them and lived their lives by the values set out by the gods. The Greeks lived in a society where scientific explanation hadn't taken all the fun out of everything. Sometimes i feel like we need a little more fantasy. I've decided this week i am going to treat myself with some Clinique products, i know Clinique is not good when you are trying to save money but i have to allow myself something! Plus it's bonus time, when you buy two products you get a cute little make up case filled with Clinique goodies!! Joys! I was looking at flights today to Seattle, i can't believe how fast it is approaching, really not too long now. I have so much to do, better get my butt into gear :] I'm off to see Alice in Wonderland tonight, quite excited about that. I never really got into the whole Alice in Wonderland thing growing up but i do want to read it sometime soon! The movie looks good, even though i have heard negative things about it. I always love what Tim Burton does, he is an amazing man. Well i'm off, i will post Tuesday Treasures later on (apoligies if it falls into Wednesday, have been a little busy!)
                                                   Love moments with my precious kitty.
Hope your tuesdays are going swell if not eat some fruit, it's delicious!
Lady Gxx


  1. I live in seattle and today we had rain, snow and sun! Its been crazy but you will get used to it:)
    Your blog is cute!

  2. I understand completely!! Am so not a summer girl! Right now am living in California and trust me they have no extreme climate! If its hat its not extremely hot or if it’s cold its not extremely cold and I hate that!! I have to drive 3 hours or 4 to arrive near the mountains were I could see little snow!! That’s how mental I’m with winter! You live in New Zeland right? so if am in winter season your having summer season something like that I learned that in class and also by watching the special features in Lord Of The Rings hahaha!
    Well very interesting post!

    p.s. Alice in wonderland was great!!!!!!

  3. Lots of sun here in Canada:)

  4. Ah you're lucky, I live in the rainiest place in England and it's constantly damp. Even if it's not raining the ground is wet. Sigh.

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