Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday bloody sunday.

Good eve dearest bloggers! Well i tell you i am absolutely plonked from studying for the last five hours straight. My eyes are actually pulling the fuzzies on me. I had a silly Gabrielle moment you see, where i assume my assignment is due one week later than what it actually is, this is now why i am struggling to get all my work done. I have that slightly sickening feeling of stress mixed with terror, but i am sure with some extremely late nights i will beable to get it done. For now i am taking a short break and naughtily blogging (ssshhh), i should probably be removing my eyes from the computer screen as i have been trying to read documents off it for the last two hours, unnatural and unhealthy i say. My song of the night is Bleeding heart show by The New Pornographers. I saw these guys when they came to Auckland in 2008. Playing at the Kings Arm it was an intimate and fantastically amazing show, i fell in love with the band even more because of it. I'm also doing a bit of Lightness by Death Cab For Cutie, my most favourite band ever! I can't believe that in December i will be living in the same city as them, oohhhh too much excitement! I have a little seminar tomorrow for my stage three History paper, i am very nervous! I always get nervous when presenting work in front of 'academics' i say that with speech marks to avoid the pretentious tag that goes along with the word academics. At least it's only a five minute seminar, i just hope it sounds like i know what i'm talking about! I can't decide whether i will be motivated enough to get up and go for a 6am run in the morning, i know i probably should because i will probably be pulling my hair out with stress all night and have no time for exercise, plus it will clear the mind, or so they say! Wahoo Elliot Smith just came on my i-tunes, who else loves Elliot Smith? I find the man amazing, it just saddens me that he is not around to make beautiful music anymore.
Well i guess i should get back to it, i will allow myself Ace of Cakes tonight, theres no way i'm missing my favourite show!
Well reluctantly i return to my work
Sunday night love for you all
Lady G xox
Here's some pics i haven't shared of the last couple of weeks, enjoy lovelies.


  1. Good luck at your seminar!! <3

  2. I still can't believe the way Elliott Smith died. You have got to REALLY want to get out of here to do it that way. Holy cow.


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