Monday, March 15, 2010

This morning i am loving...

Good morning bloggers!
Well it is a grey morning here in Auckland, and finally the temperature has dropped to something quite pleasant! I am excited to beable to start layering my clothing again. There are a few things in particular that i am in love with this morning, no unfortunately not a man, but lovely things none the less. My morning consists of...

            Green tea


          Coldplay, X and Y

    Bright blue fingernails

My dress that i just brought off trade me.

What a good start to the day!
Lady G xoxo


  1. I'm pretty much loving everything you've just listed.

  2. Love those fingernails!!! I'm so obsessed with bright nails lately. I've also been on quite a Coldplay kick myself. My album of choice is Rush of Blood to the Head. Yum!

  3. ooh! i'm hoping to buy XY on vinyl pretty soon.


  4. Green Tea is goood - I like your blog

  5. Loving the blog! I see you brought your top from jessmary - my friend in Wellington. Small world :)

  6. Haha, it is a small world! I love that dress, it is super cute. It's good to see more people i know using blogspot!


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