Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm back.

I return to thee dear blogging world after an extremely long hiatus. Life has surely been taking me down a twisty and turny path as of lately leaving very little time to update my blog. For those that are still here i thank you for your patience, i think however i have finally got my blogging mojo back and am feeling motivated to update again.
Oh and the fact that i lost my job the other day is helping also. Now don't get all worried, i can assure you i am feeling much better off for not working at that place. I admit i was super upset when my boss pulled me aside and starting feeding me a ton of lies before telling me i didn't have a job anymore. It was completely unjustified and unreasonable but i guess that is the type of person she is. There is no way i want to be around that type of negativity so i feel much happier today. Perhaps a little worried about finding a new job, but nevertheless happier.
As i am writing to you the rain is pelting against my window. I was told we are supposed to see rain for the next ten days in Seattle, everyone is moaning, i am happy, finally Seattle is living up to it's reputation :)
I feel like there is so much to be said that i don't even know where to start. I am feeling much more settled in in my new house in Wallingford and feeling more and more blissed everyday for having met these wonderful people. They really are a great bunch who have made me feel very included and looked after. I have spent the last two days frantically applying for numerous jobs and have my fingers crossed that i will be hearing back from some of them soon. I applied at a really cute clothing boutique in Fremont today which would be super awesome to work in. I have also applied at several cafes and restaurants. While serving work is hard it would be nice to be earning some decent money.
Lastnight i went to the Crystal Castles show at the showbox sodo. The showbox sodo is an awesome venue although i am told the showbox market is even cooler. I liked how misplaced sodo is, you take a bus ride to the southern end of the city and end up in this industrial area. It feels like you are in the middle of nowhere basically. My friend Andrea and I were a little unsure of where to go but found our way pretty easily. Crystal Castles were amazing. I knew it was going to be a high impact, high energy show but it far exceeded my expectations. Everyone was feeling it and the crowd were super hyped and crazy. We met up with my roomate Jess and her date Ethan and had a few drinks beforehand at a super chill bar called Hooberville. I was impressed to hear Daft Punk blasting away on the stereo, and was also impressed by the lovely strong whiskey and ginger we drunk. The bar was packed out with hipster types who were obviously heading over to check out Crystal Castles. It was a really fun night, although Andi and I had to put up with a weird cab driver making obscene sucking noises with his mouth while he drove. It was pretty disgusting and we spent the whole cab ride cracking up laughing on the backseat of the cab.
It's a weird feeling being unemployed. I know i should totally enjoy every moment of my freedom i just get a little stressed about finding a new job. I know it will happen though, i think tomorrow i'm going to head into the central district and hang out. Maybe check out Pike Place again, i totally love going to that market. Theres also some neat looking coffee shops that i would'nt mind spending some time in.
I also need to start taking some more photos so i can bombard my blog with pretty Seattle images.
Once again i apoligise for being a slacker, and thank you thank you for your patience. You should also check out my lovely sister Hanna's blog Living the simple life. There is a button to her blog on my page. She has really been busy blogging and her photos of my niece Isobel are beautiful. Stop on by say hello and don't forget to vote her in the top baby blogs competition.
Goodnight all, i'm going to sleep with the sound of lovely rain.
I promise we shall talk soon.

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