Friday, April 1, 2011

Cherry Blossom tree.

So lately i've been really into jotting things down. I carry around a notebook with me and when i feel the need or see something that inspires me i write it down. This way i never forget the exact feelings of the experience.
Just the other day i was taking a walk. Seattle is very pretty at the moment with all the cherry blossoms in bloom so it saddened me when i walked into a grassy field covered in cherry blossom petals. It made me realise how fast nature changes and i felt sad that soon we would no longer be seeing the beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Cherry Blossom tree.
It was an especially windy day in the city. I was busy watching the surface of the water as it battled against the gustling wind when a single white petal landed on my toe. Light as a feather it fell and despite the force of the Seattle sky it sat patiently on my foot waiting for me to look up. Soon it was joined by another petal, and then one more fell, this time a light shade of pink, the colour of sun burnt skin after an hour at the beach. Every gust of wind blew another petal closer, and soon the grass was covered in a blanket of cherry blossom petals. Like snow they fell until the branches of the cherry blossom tree were left bare. Naked and in shame the tree withdrew it's branches and stood watching in despair at all of it's beautiful petals now floating to the ground. Reaching out with it's long bone like fingers the tree grabbed desperately at the sea of white and pink around it's feet. But the attempt was in vain, the once picturesque cherry blossom tree was nothing more than a tattered and willowed soul looking out to the grey Seattle sky. Frail, small and afraid the tree shrunk into it's surroundings bowing it's head in disgrace as the other trees looked on in pleasure. No-one envied the cherry blossom tree now. The cherry blossom tree sat alone on the hill and there it would stay, waiting for the season to pass.

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