Monday, April 26, 2010

Drive Well, Sleep Carefully.

My addiction.
I have watched this DVD three times in three days and fall in love even more each day with Death Cab For Cutie. I fell asleep lastnight listening to Transatlantacism and had the most beautiful dreams. I dreamt of Seattle and my future adventures to be had. I dreamt of all the things i want to do but are too afraid to do. I dreamt that somebody loved me and discovered for the first time that feeling that everybody goes on about. When i woke up i felt refreshed, with so much to look forward i think i am one lucky person in a world of many. I saw the Drab Doo Riffs play on Saturday night at Whammy Bar. Seriously, if you live in the Auckland area don't miss your chance at seeing these guys. They were amazing! I danced my little butt off all night and that is a hard thing to do when you are at a underground bar as hot as a furnace! I spent some time with a friend of mine who made me realise how much i actually adore her. We haven't been as close other the last year or so, since we moved out of our flat, so it was really good to hang out. I have been really enjoying the company of friends lately, it is something that picks you up and something that you need. I also feel that i need to spend time with the awesome people around me before i leave for 12 months. I think it will be hard to come back after a year away and settle back down but it will be easier with something to come back too. At the moment i am writing a review for The New Pornographers album which comes out in two weeks. So far i am really enjoying the album and glad that they have pulled out yet another enjoyable collection of songs. I will post my review up when i am finished, it is for the magazine at our University.
I apoligise for the lack of photos at the moment, my camera is unfortunately sick and being fixed at the hospital. I feel kind of naked without it!


  1. Oooo looking forward to hearing the new album and reading your review. Drab Doo Riffs = Rad. Ah I love reading your posts! x

  2. Drab Doo Riffs are cool! I remember seeing them at cassette late last year. Was a lot of fun. Ah Whammy. Enjoyable! haha... DCFC are awesome. One of my fav's indeed.


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