Saturday, April 17, 2010

What i want and how i feel..

What i really want right now is a Smiths T-Shirt, i have been on the look out for one for awhile now and haven't found the right one yet. This one is pretty cool but still not exactly what i want...
Right now i am feeling uneasy. I am thinking about the large amounts of work that i have to do...and the fact that i have to go back to university tomorrow when i don't even feel like i've had a holiday. I'm also thinking of a person, who in some ways i seem to be mentally addicted to. I'm not even sure why but everytime i get away he finds me again, just a text message is all it takes and i am back feeling this way. The funny thing is i don't even know this person that well and yet i have some kind of need for him. Emotions are weird, i can't even begin to understand them or how not to feel like complete crap because of one person. I guess i have to begin the process again...until the next time he calls on me.
Lady G x


  1. i saw a pretty nice Meat is Murder shirt today at my local record store. There are so many Smiths shirts tho! good luck finding the perfect one.


  2. Thanks Emilia! I think i want a Queen is Dead t-shirt, but not too fussed, i will know when i find it! I'm also on the look out for the perfect Death Cab For Cutie t-shirt but think i have already sussed that one out on their website :) God i love Band tee's.

  3. queen is dead t shirts r pretty rare, i havent seen any available to buy, i have one but its my dads 25 yr old original :)


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