Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Despite waking up feeling under the weather and having spent most of the night with hideous stomach pains today was quite a good day. The bright sunny weather we have been having for the last couple of days seems to have gone and Seattle was more like it's raininy self. It also felt incredibly cold although i hear some parts of the country are far worse than we are. I'm hoping it will snow sometime in the near future because i am so excited about playing in the snow. We don't really get snow in New Zealand, in fact winters in Auckland never feel that cold. It is nice to beable to experience a proper winter although half of you probably think i am mad for saying this.
Anyway today my friend Kate and I decided to go to the Seattle Art Museum to check out the Picasso Art exhibition. Kate's father is a huge fan of Picasso and was lovely enough to shout both of us a ticket to the show and also dinner afterwards. I wasn't too sure what to expect from a Picasso exhibition but went with high spirits. I have studied Picasso a little in school but can not pretend i know a huge amount about the man. A lot of people are on the fence with his art work, some call him a genius while some see him as hugely overated. When we walked into the exhibition i was immediately overwhelmed by the quantity of work. There were about five rooms filled with Picasso pieces. On every wall dating from the beginning of his career to the end were beautiful paintings and sketches. It felt so unreal to stand infront of something that Pablo Picasso's hands had painted. I wanted so badly to touch the canvases and feel the thick layered paint that was applied by Picasso's brush but i knew that would be both disrespectful and would probably be my ticket out of the exhibition. I can only imagine the worth of all those pieces. I think after looking at all the pieces that nobody can dismiss Picasso's talent. Not when it is sitting right in front of your face. I was a huge fan of his rough sketches. There was one titled 'War and Peace' which was by far one of my favourites. If you're in Seattle i strongly recommend checking out the exhibition, it is well worth the $23 you pay for it.

After looking at art for a couple of hours we had built up quite the appetite. Kate suggested heading to Capitol Hill to find somewhere cheap and delicious for dinner. After circling around in the car for over 20 minutes and walking up and down the street numerous times we grew so ravenous that we stopped in at the nearest Indian restaurant and quickly ordered off the menu. I had a delicious, delicious chicken tikka masala curry with Garlic Naan while Kate went for the vegetarian curry. It was a very satisfying dinner except for the fact that a couple were fighting at the table next to us for the duration of our meal, slighlty awkward.

Well i'm showered and already in bed with a hot cup of tea about to watch the movie Easy A. Feeling like something light hearted and humorous. Hope you all had great Tuesdays.
Goodnight xx.

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