Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Seattle in Snapshots.

On a clear, sunny, winters day, a foreigner to the city takes her camera and captures some of the beauty that is Seattle.

The Pike Place Public Market, perhaps one of the most iconic places in downtown Seattle.

The waterfront. The water sparkled like millions of diamonds as a lonely cargo ship fleeted across the calm surface.

Late afternoon in Belltown, the last moments of the winter sun before it hides it's face for the night.

From 280 metres up in the sky on a clear day i felt like i was in paradise. On every side Seattle is surrounded by beautiful mountains covered in snow, here we can see the Olympic ranges.

A kind American man offered to take my picture in front of the water. Wearing my new favourite cape, black skinny leg jeans, black chucks, and grey gloves. Winter makes fashion easy.

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