Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you, thank you.

To anyone who read my last post and gave advice. I believe the situation is sorted. I talked to Kate about how i felt over a glass of wine at a cosy and private bar. We had a really good conversation and i explained my situation in full (the alcohol really helped here). While she was a little upset she understood where i was coming from. Lastnight i went and looked at another place in Wallingford which is a really cute neighborhood closer to the city. The house is on a street that goes down a hill towards a park and the waterfront. When you walk out of the house you can see the skyline of the city with the water in front, it was really quite beautiful. The house itself was great also as were the people. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that i get it! I will let you know.

Also keep an eye out for my Portland post coming up shortly, i have to get my photo's developed from film as the digital camera started playing up. We brought a cute little plastic disposable film. It made me feel like i was six years old again and was heaps of fun. I should be taking it in today so will update about the Portland trip soon. But yes apart from that i am feeling much, much better. I guess it didn't help that i was sick last week and that drained most of my energy. Jill and I were hanging out lastnight as well. We were baking together and then watched a movie. I made a banana cake which turned out really well and Jill made brownies. Apparently Americans don't do Banana cake so i'm excited for Kate and Jill to try it.

The temperature here in Seattle has really dropped over the last couple of days. I'm hanging out for the snow that is rumoured to be coming. I want to make snow angels and build snowmen in the backyard! I also start my new job on Friday as a barista at a local coffee lounge. It will be good to get back into a regular schedule and to meet some new faces.

Anyway it's a quick post today but i will be back soon to talk more. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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  1. That's great that you had a talk with Kate (wine always helps). Fingers crossed you get the new place, it sounds darling :-)


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